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A smartphone can improve our daily life as humans in a variety of ways. We can use our cell phone as a phone, camera, social media platform, gaming console, or video caller in addition to other functions.

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Wholesale For Your Bulk-buy Needs

Phone users' hands will be relieved and also may stay organized when using a Lamicall phone stand. It can increase comfort and productivity while also securing and hygienization a phone. Lamicall is without a doubt one of the most qualified merchants in the area with more than five years of expertise in the field of electronic accessories and more than ten patents, particularly in the phone stand category. We also offer bulk-buy wholesalers solutions to ventures who are aiming or have built their business in this niche.

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Cell Phone Stands Wholesale

Over the years, Lamicall has consistently absorbed user needs and produced mobile phone stands that meet those needs. Lamicall offers people the best alternatives possible, both indoors and outside. Phone use is made more comfortable and convenient at home, at work, in the bedroom, and when traveling with adjustable, folding, and Gooseneck phone stands. In addition, mobile phones can be better protected outside thanks to the bicycle bracket and vehicle-mounted mobile phone bracket. Lamicall encourages each user to select the stand that is ideal for them.

Wholesale Phone Stand For Desk

A phone stands for a desk and can assist in holding the phone at a comfortable angle and height when participating in a video conference, as well as ensure that it does not obstruct charging while the phone is on the mobile desk stand. The imbalanced usage of mugs or holding a phone while producing a document or watching movies provides a workaround for the necessity for a desk phone stand. We continue to provide businesses with bulk desk phone stands for their larger audience.

Mobile Phone Stand For Desk


Lamicall Phone gooseneck holders on the market are created with both aesthetics and utility in mind.Our extensive selection of gooseneck phone stands is designed to meet your business specific requirements.

Gooseneck Wholesale Phone Stand

Wholesale Phone Stand For Bed

Having our phones for a while is pertinent before going to bed. A phone holder for the bed is a need. Why is that? The icing on the cake is a typical workplace phone stand, enabling users to properly position their phones rather than leaving them on their desks. A bedside phone holder is necessary if you can't help messing with your phone while in bed. It's understandable why shifting positions while viewing movies in bed may seem unpleasant. You will need a bed mount phone holder to play games, browse the web, watch films, and even perform video and live streaming while lying in bed.

Wholesale Phone Stand For Bed


Cell phones have entered every aspect of our life without our knowledge. Everyone should have an adjustable phone stand because you can't carry their phone all day. When you're cooking, you may need to double-check the recipe, take notes on your phone while in a meeting, watch your favorite TV show while eating your delicious slice of pizza, or you're a content creator who must routinely live stream or film videos. So a mobile adjustable stand is really important to you and will make your life much easier.

Adjustable Wholesale Phone Stand

Dashboard Car Phone Holder Mount CD01

A good car phone mount is essential for any vehicle without a built-in navigation system. Phone mounts make it safe and simple to make calls, get turn-by-turn directions, and use your phone's voice assistant.

Wholesale Phone Stand For Car


A mobile phone stand is not new, but have you heard of a foldable phone stand? As more people needed to carry their mobile devices on the road, whether on a business trip, a vacation, or to work at a cafe, the idea of a foldable phone stand arose. A foldable mobile stand performs the same basic purpose as a regular phone holder, but it can be folded down to the size of a credit card for simple portability.

Foldable Wholesale Phone Stand


The bike phone stand is a game changer for people who want easy access to their phones while riding their bikes, whether it's a fast frolic down a single lane or a full-day road trip.

Many cyclists rely on their smartphones for navigation, music streaming services, and social workout platforms such as Zwift and Strava.

In this case, the bicycle phone stand comes in handy. These attachments are designed to lock your smartphone to your handlebars while keeping your display visible.

Wholesale Phone Stand For Bike

Why Wholesale Phone Stand From Lamicall

Lamicall invested so heavily to secure the phone and link the phone's holder to the vent of the air conditioner. Magnets were initially used to secure the phone to the stand. Later, the telephone was surrounded by arms for the mechanical structure. We recently created a cradle-shaped mobile phone stand that successfully merged the mechanical design to keep the phone firmly secured to the stand. There are numerous reasons why you should also consider dealing in our wholesale services for car phone mount, we allow flexible MOQ and it helps you also maximize profit to a very high degree.

Fast delivery

We constantly have our customers' best interests in mind, regardless of the MOQ required. Lamicall's shipping services are outstanding, similar to a one-stop shop. When you order a phone holder in bulk, you will receive it quickly, and shipping within the United States is free. However, because our production process takes time, you must notify us of your order and any unique requirements ahead of time.

Best-in-class Brandy Holders

It is unquestionably unique to have logos on gadgets; bespoke phone stands to boost their creative beauty and preserve them from injury. Lamicall, as a provider of this service, allows branding flexibility to fulfill your consumers' expectations for customization. Without a doubt, we are the greatest at what we do and a top-tier distributor and wholesaler, with millions of stands sold worldwide each year. Our clients' wonderful testimonials say volumes about our professionalism!

Discounted Factory Pricing

Working with Lamicall gives you the ability to communicate with us directly and without intermediaries. As a result, your purchases are secure, and we provide discounted pricing for every MOQ exceeding the minimum order amount of 100. The reason behind this is because we prioritize our customers' needs while keeping the quality of the end product.

One-stop Supply Solution

Lamicall's service point's new norm is to take orders and deliver supplies. Your company is safe with us, a respected global brand. Phone stands are available in large quantities and will be delivered immediately. Visit our corporate office to see how our one-stop supply solution may help your mobile business run effectively.


Your Reliable Wholesale Phone Stand

Lamicall is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of phone supports, with over 136 patents and the top seller badge on Amazon and other digital online marketplaces. In addition, we have a proven track record of exceeding our client's highest expectations. As a result, BSCI and FI have also certified us.

We also offer a superb support crew that is ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to manage your venture needs, active warranty and refund policies, swift delivery services, and buying guidance. In addition, you can search our site for various car phone stands that will satisfy your customers.

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