Top 4 Mobile Accessories Manufacturers in India

Top 4 Mobile Accessories Manufacturers in India

With the growth of the mobile accessories needs in indian market, starting a business on such products may bring you immense profits. A list of top mobile accessories manufacturers in India is ready to help you source the best brand.

lamicall adjustable cell phone stand a
lamicall adjustable cell phone stand a

Image Source: Lamicall

Anything auxiliary to the normal operations of a smartphone can be considered a mobile accessory. While they’re optional, many consumers love to purchase them because of the convenience and enhanced user experience that they can provide. If you want to venture into the mobile accessories market, having a manufacturer that you can trust would be essential.

Mobile accessories encompass many product categories. For example, you may want to find a reliable phone stand manufacturer if you wish to sell or distribute mobile holders. Aside from working with a phone holder factory, you may also want to find ones who make other product categories. Read below to know about the top four mobile accessories manufacturers in India.

List of Mobile Accessories Manufacturers in India

Mobile accessories include many categories, such as

  • mobile holders
  • chargers
  • power banks

Mobile stand & holder manufacturers india

  1. AZ Infolink Private Limited
  2. Just Magic
  3. Primelife ( A brand of Honest Enterprise)
  4. Totalsmart Gifts India Private Limited
  5. Sen Security Solutions
  6. Creative Bee Marcom
  7. Butani Exim
  8. Deodap
  9. A R Acrylic
  10. Worldcorp Productions
  11. Spmart
  12. Solutions Mantra
  13. Sociosis Productions
  14. Multimedia Zone
  15. Yash Creatives
  16. Cloud99
  17. AS Trading Company
  18. A.G Enterprises
  19. Anjani Overseas
  20. Skp Enterprises
  21. Jot Mobile Accessories
  22. Arihant Traders
  23. Rodio Enterprises
  24. Zipker International
  25. ISmart Technology

India is recognized as the production center of the world, making it home to numerous manufacturing companies that you can work with.

    Lamicall would be your best partner if you are looking for a reliable manufacturer of mobile holders.

    Top Mobile Stand Manufacturer, Lamicall

    Lamicall Logo
    Lamicall Logo

    Image Source: Lamicall

    Business Type: Manufacturer, exporter, supplier
    Headquarters: 820 N River St, Portland, Oregon 97227, USA
    Main Markets: Global
    Years of Experience: 15 years

    Lamicall is a well-known China-based manufacturer of a wide collection of device mounting solutions, including holders for smartphones, laptops, tablets, and many other gadgets. It launched in 2008, and today, it ranks among the most popular brands on Amazon. Lamicall has got more than 120 products to offer, aside from its set of 136 patents.

    This company requires a low MOQ and is famous for having speedy order processing. It uses both a B2B and B2C approach in terms of sales, making it one of the powerhouse brands in more than eighty countries. Lamicall also offers product customization to its clients, having a customer-centric principle.

    Key Products

    • Phone stands

    Foldable Cell Phone Stand



    Bike Phone Holder Mount





        Best mobile accessories manufacturers in india

        Here is an overview of the various manufacturing companies that we have picked. Click on the manufacturer that you want to know about directly or read each of their profiles by continuing in the next section.

        1. Bright Industries
        2. CallMate India Pvt. Ltd.
        3. Etrotrust Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
        4. Processo Plast Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.

        Mobile Accessories Manufacturers in Delhi

        Delhi is known as the capital territory of India. The following companies are Delhi-based enterprises selected for their industry experience, products to offer, and similar factors.

        1. Bright Industries

        bright industries logo
        bright industries logo

        Image Source: Bright Industries

        Business Type: Manufacturer, OEM, supplier
        Headquarters: E-61, Ground Floor, Shastri Nagar, New Delhi 110052, India
        Main Markets: India
        Years of Experience: 10 years

        Bright Industries was established in 2012, specializing in the production of various kinds of mobile chargers and other related items. This company has an impressive annual turnover of ₹2-3 Crore from serving as one of the most well-renowned manufacturers and OEM service providers in India.

        It’s worth noting that Bright Industries is an award-winning enterprise. Some accolades that it has received include the Asia Pacific Excellence Awards 2021’s Best OEM Charger Manufacturer and an award for being the Best Mobile Charger Manufacturer in India.

        Key Products

        • Phone chargers
        • Car mobile chargers
        • Data cables
        • Bluetooth headphones
        • Bluetooth headsets

          2. CallMate India Pvt. Ltd.

          callmate logo
          callmate logo

          Image Source: CallMate India Pvt. Ltd.

          Business Type: Manufacturer
          Headquarters: A-187, Street No. 11, Rd Number 4, Mahipalpur, New Delhi, Delhi 110037
          Main Markets: India
          Years of Experience: 27 years

          CallMate India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most popular mobile accessories makers in India, particularly known for its wide product collection. This company was established in 1995, beginning with the manufacturing of phone charger assemblies. Today, it has diversified its range, also penetrating into various markets involving mobile holders and related products.

          This company operates three brands namely, CallMate, Gizmobitz, and Wireless Gold—efficiently classifying their products into three categories. While CallMate India Pvt. Ltd. uses a direct-to-consumer approach on its website, it does accept bulk orders. Payments to this company may be made via VISA, Amex, MasterCard, and other channels.

          Key Products

            Mobile Accessories Manufacturers in Gujarat

            Gujarat is located in the western part of India, famous for electrical manufacturing and other industries. Here are the best mobile accessories manufacturers in Gujarat, India.

            1. Etrotrust Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

            etrotrust technologies pvt ltd logo
            etrotrust technologies pvt ltd logo

            Image Source: Etrotrust Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

            Business Type: Manufacturer, supplier
            Headquarters: 623, Western Business Park, Vesu Cross, UM Road, Surat 395007, Gujarat, India
            Main Markets: India
            Years of Experience: 4 years

            Etrotrust Technologies Pvt. Ltd., more popularly known for its brand, Electrotrust, was recently established in Surat, Gujarat in 2018. It focuses on the production of consumer electronics, such as power banks, wireless chargers, and several types of mobile chargers. While relatively young, this company has mature pieces of technology to offer.

            While the materials used by Etrotrust Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are sourced from various countries like China, USA, and Taiwan, its manufacturing facility is based on India. It’s also worth noting that all products of this company are RoHS-certified.

            Key Products

            • Power adapters
            • Power banks
            • Circuit boards
            • Wireless chargers

              2. Processo Plast Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.

              processo plast enterprise pvt ltd logo
              processo plast enterprise pvt ltd logo

              Image Source: Processo Plast Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.

              Business Type: Manufacturer, supplier
              Headquarters: 236, Laliwala Estate, Lilanagar Road, Bhaktinagar, Bapunagar, Ahmedabad 380024, Gujarat, India
              Main Markets: India
              Years of Experience: 29 years
              Certifications: ISO 9001:2015, BS EN 166:2002

              Established in 1993, Processo Plast Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. specializes in the manufacturing of cases for spectacles and sunglasses. As a matter of fact, this company is more famous for its brand, Specta Case. While that’s the situation, it has recently made a move to produce unique mobile stands as part of its range.

              The mobile holders manufactured by Processo Plast Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. are called pebble mobile stands, featuring a striking appearance different from niche designs on the market. It offers a minimum order quantity of 360 pieces for every transaction. It’s also worth remembering that this company operates under ISO-certified standards for quality management. 

              Key Products

              • Spectacle cases
              • Pebble mobile stands

                Mobile cover manufacturers in india

                1. Oneplus Traders
                2. Priyanka Overseas
                3. National Woollen & Finishers
                4. Aisha Leather Products
                5. Puja Celebrations
                6. Secure Space
                7. Pricon Engineering Services
                8. Swastik Communication
                9. See Inside
                10. Janata Traders

                Mobile phone charger manufacturers in india

                1. Vizin India Private Limited
                2. AZ Infolink Private Limited
                3. Logical Learning Company Private Limited
                4. Ikon Innovative Products Pvt Ltd
                5. R S Electronic
                6. Yadav Enterprises
                7. Zipker International
                8. A.G Enterprises
                9. Abhipriya
                10. M/s Nanhi Pari Enterprises

                Screen guard manufacturers in india

                1. Tango Deal
                2. SPNRS Global Sales
                3. Gadgetronics
                4. M/s Ruchi Agencies
                5. Talk Talk Enterprises
                6. My Retails

                Mobile charger cable manufacturers india

                1. Dharmi Kreation
                2. AZ Infolink Private Limited
                3. Vizin India Private Limited
                4. Shweta Electronics
                5. Epice Gifts Collection
                6. Nutek Establishments
                7. Callmate India Private Limited
                8. Abhipriya
                9. Jagidar Enterprise
                10. Aress Industries


                If you intend to start a business on mobile accessories, finding a reliable manufacturer would be your best strategy.

                You have read about the top mobile accessories manufacturers in India and got to know the best mobile holder manufacturer in China. If you’re interested in having a reliable mobile stand producer, contact us today.

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