Top 4 Global Phone Grip Manufacturers

Top 4 Global Phone Grip Manufacturers

Getting the right phone grip manufacturer will lead you to success since many people are looking for something convenient in their lives.

Adjustable Magsafe Charger iPhone Stand DP09
Adjustable Magsafe Charger iPhone Stand DP09

Image Source: Lamicall

Phone stands are reliable objects that everyone can use to handle and secure phones. They are designed to be put on a hard surface like a desk or a table so people can freely scroll and click while ensuring that our phone is safe and clean.

Besides your pocket or your hands, your phone must go somewhere. For some reason, businesses that caters phone grips definitely pave their way towards success since it is demanding to the market. Check out Lamicall and have a look at their products. 

List of Leading Global Phone Grip Manufacturers

Listed below are the competitive, innovative, and fast-service phone grip manufacturers based on search results and the international market. They have been awarded different certificates, which made them more well-known and unique from others.

  • Lamicall
  • Jin Sheu Enterprise
  • AMS Manufacturing and Printing
  • Saiji

Best Phone Grip Manufacturers in the Global Market

Below is the list of the most admired manufacturers internationally because of their innovative and competitive performance. To ensure that everyone is served well, they have been committed to their career path to the extent that they became one of the most well-known merchants worldwide.

1. Lamicall

Lamicall Logo
Lamicall Logo

Image Source: Lamicall

Business Type: Manufacturing, Distributor
Headquarters: 820 N River St, Portland, OR 97227, USA
Main Markets: Global
Years of Experience: 15 years

Lamicall focuses on making technology clean and convenient. It also caters to many products such as phone stands, tablet stands, laptop stands, and phone ring holders. They have been in the electronic industry for fifteen years, so they already mastered the expertise, and they became the leading merchant globally.

Lamicall already designed the phone stands as firm as possible. Its products are composed of aluminum alloy and plastic which adheres to the technological advances and improvements that is happening globally. They are also the leading popsocket manufacturer  because of its customized and excellent texture that Lamicall has been offering to their target audience. So, if you are looking for a phone stand manufacturer, reach out to Lamicall today.   

    Key products:

    • Laptop stands
    • Cell phone stands
    • Tablet holders
    • Custom phone ring stand
    • Apple watch stands
    • Headphone stands
    • Phone accessories

    2. Jin Sheu Enterprise

    Jin Sheu Enterprise Logo
    Jin Sheu Enterprise Logo

    Image Source: Jin Sheu Enterprise

    Business Type: Manufacturing, Distributor, Supplier
    Headquarters: 8F-9, No., 502, Yuan Shan Rd., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City 23545, Taiwan
    Main Markets: America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East
    Years of Experience: 35 years

    It was 1987 when JS was founded. From there, they started providing fast-reliable and professional services. They have integrated tons of manufactured products such as label pins, medals, key chains, belt buckles, and souvenirs that are made durable to meet the customer’s needs. Because of its undeniable excellent performance, they were able to open a factory in China that assists them in packing unique materials and fitting items.

    Since they have a China factory and is continuously expanding around the globe, they made sure that everything will fall into the right place. They have over 2000 experienced and knowledgeable workers committed to maintaining the organization of the company and providing high-quality service to their target audience.

    Of course, they ensure that their products are free from pollutants. They acquired an Electroplating License from China government to be able to build a sewage treatment plant. Indeed, Jin Seu is the number one choice when it comes to integrating good service and producing products that can exceed the clients’ expectations

      Key products:

      • Metal Products
      • Custom Made Sterling Silver Items
      • Mobile Phone Accessories
      • Custom Award Trophies 
      • Leather Souvenirs
      • Custom Lanyards
      • Luggage Accessories and Strap Handles
      • Pet Collars and Leashes
      • Embroidery Products
      • Custom Flags and Pennants
      • Woven Patches and Labels 
      • Soft PVC Products
      • Silicone Products
      • Promotional Products
      • USB Flashdrives
      • Games, Comics and Anime Merchandise

      3. AMS Manufacturing and Printing

      AMS Manufacturing and Printing Logo
      AMS Manufacturing and Printing Logo

      Image Source: AMS Manufacturing and Printing

      Business Type: Manufacturing, Distributor, Supplier
      Headquarters: 6721 Alder Dr. STE C, Houston, TX 77081, United States
      Main Markets: Global
      Years of Experience: 33 years

      AMS has been customizing items for thirty-three years. They have knowledge of accepting and processing customers’ requests. They first started with the mock-up approval wherein they used digital printing and have it approved by the customers days after they received their request and 12 hours after their full payment. The customer has the chance to provide suggestions to make the design more desirable and attractive.

      The phone grip a popup socket that comes with a high-standard adhesive to ensure its durability. Their customized phone grip also rotates in 360 degrees for easy video watching and scrolling. All orders are being shipped within 24-48 hours respectively as they ensure that everything is already approved. AMS could not process requests without customers’ approval.

        Key products:

        • Promotional Products
        • Phone Accessories
        • Backpacks and Bags
        • Mugs and Drinkware
        • Packaging
        • Screen Printing and Transfers

        4. Saiji

        Saiji logo
        Saiji logo

        Image Source: Saiji

        Business Type: Manufacturing, Distributor, Supplier, Designer
        Headquarters: Shenzhen, Dongguan, China
        Main Markets: Global
        Years of Experience: 12 years

        Saiji was founded in 2010 in Dongguan which they are specializing in manufacturing and designing tablet stands, laptop stands, and phone stands. Because of their great performance in the global market, they have been awarded “Lap Desk”. With 8 years in the electronic industry, they have hired workers which are dedicated to their expertise by developing 100% private designs and moldings that led them to have 200 patents.

        As Saiji continues to grow its industry, it remained firm with its vision which is to produce quality labels and products to meet the customer’s needs. They also tend to focus on the improvements of their products hence with the advanced technologies that this planet has since they believe that they can transform the ordinary into extraordinary.

          Key products:

          • Laptop Stand
          • Cell Phone Stand
          • Car Phone Holder 
          • Gooseneck Holder
          • Tablet Stand 
          • Tablet Desk


          Above are a brief rundown of phone grip manufacturers that offer different yet high-quality customized services and products that will surely depict every buyer’s interest.

          Many of phone grips now are necessity since people are using their phones excessively so you probably need to partner or have a phone grip manufacturer or supplier to suffice the needs of your business.

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          You can also get your other accessories at Lamicall. Contact our team today!

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