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When planning to start a business selling tablet stands and holders, working with an excellent manufacturer like Lamicall would be your key to success. Get quality tablet stands from us today.


Tablet Mounting Solution

You can quickly find the type of tablet stand or holder you want according to your usage scenario or the characteristics of the product, and choose the product you are interested in.


Phone Stand for Desks

Tablet Holder for Desk


Variety features phone stands that make your life much easier.

Tablet Stands for Bed


Variety features phone stands that make your life much easier.

Tablet Stand for Cars


Variety features phone stands that make your life much easier.

Gooseneck Tablet Holders


Variety features phone stands that make your life much easier.

Adjustable Tablet Stands

Tablet Stands

Here we list some popular Tablet holders for you to choose from. If you have any products you are interested in, you can feel free to contact us for an inquiry. If you don't find a suitable product, you can also contact us and tell us your needs.


    Adjustable Tablet Stand for Desk S


    Adjustable Tablet and Phone Stand S2


    Adjustable iPad Stand A1


    360 Degree Rotating Tablet Stand Holder DT01


    Foldable Tablet Stand DT02


    Ipad Swivel Stand DT03


    Height Adjustable Tablet Stand DT04


    Foldable Tablet Stand DT05


    Foldable Tablet Holder FS02

    Lamicall LS02

    Gooseneck Tablet Holder LS02


    Gooseneck Ipad Holder LS07


    Gooseneck iPad Floor Stand FT01


    iPad Tripod Stand FT02


    Treadmill Tablet Holder BT01


    iPad Holder for Car Headrest P

    tablet on car headrest

    Lamicall Car Tablet Headrest Mount P2


    Tablet Pillow Stand PL01


    iPad Pillow Stand PL02


    Tablet Pillow Holder PL03


    Pillow Pad Tablet Stand PL04

    Lamicall LS07

    Gooseneck Tablet Holder LS08

    We have all the products to help your business. Write to us

    Customize Tablet stand in lamicall

    Design Tablet Stand For Your Need

    Over our fifteen years in manufacturing tablet stands, much knowledge and research have been made to improve the quality of our products. With our results, Lamicall brings you a vast array of different tablet stand designs.

      Ergonomic Designs

      • swiveling
      • flexible
      • Foldable
      • Gooseneck
      • Height Adjustable
      • Hand-free
      • Portable

      Tablet Stand Uses:

      • tablet holder for exercise bike
      • tablet mount for truck
      • ipad stand for recording
      • ipad stand for business
      • tablet holder for bed
      • tablet holder for car backseat


      • aluminium tablet stand
      • metal tablet stand
      • 3d printed tablet stand
      • cnc tablet stand
      • wooden tablet stand

      Styles & Aesthetics

      • slim
      • compact
      • compact
      • 360 rotating
      • flat
      • collapsible 

      Mounting Ways

      • floor tablet stand
      • magnetic tablet mount
      • gooseneck tablet holder

      Tablet Stand Colors

      • rgb
      • black
      • white 
      • pink
      • purple

      Device types

      • Macbook
      • Samsung
      • Computer brands

      Tablet stand accessories

      • laptop stand with cooling fan
      • laptop stand with arm
      • laptop stand with drawer
      • dual monitor laptop stand

      Your Reliable Tablet Stand

      Lamicall is the best tablet stand manufacturer you can trust, given our extensive years of experience in producing electronic device holders. With our research and development, we can bring you a sundry collection of various tablet stands.

      We strive to instill ease of use and sturdiness in our designs, making them fully versatile, adjustable, and made of premium metals, plastics, and others. Work with us today to get top-quality tablet stands you can sell.

      Why Choose Lamicall Tablet Stands


      People can use their tablets in virtually any place, and that’s why our experts designed our tablet stands to be widely compatible with various scenarios.

      Simple but classic

      With classics never going out of style, our tablet stand designs feature simple yet aesthetic appearance finishes. They are simple but useful, maximizing their functionality.


      Our experts use premium materials in manufacturing our products, ensuring that they last over time. Undergoing advanced production techniques, these materials form the sturdiness of our items.


      Lamicall tablet stands pack various usage features, such as adjustability in terms of height and angle, and portability that you can configure to achieve various ergonomic benefits.


      We perform several quality assurance checks and inspections before we bring your order to you. Rest assured that what you get from us are of superior quality.


      Lamicall tablet stands can be used anytime, anywhere. Whether in the kitchen, bed, office, car, or other places, our multifunctional mounts can be used without hassle.


      Best-in-Class Tablet Stand
      Factory in China

      Lamicall has taken over the electronic device holder market in more than eighty countries in a short fifteen years. Having patented 136 designs of device mounts, our team can provide you with products that can diversify your portfolio. Being an established brand all over the world, our products are made under strict guidelines and standards.

      We have a consumer base of ten million people, aside from being the top device mount brand on Amazon. Lamicall is famous for producing world-class tablet mounts and stands, and we can be the best tablet stand manufacturer you can trust. Supply custom tablet stands of various designs with us today.

        3000 ㎡

        Factory area

        1200 +

        mobile stand & holder samples

        Order Tablet Stands Easy & Fast

        Step 1: Consultation

        Communication is key to getting your customized tablet stands in the fastest way possible. Talk to our team today and we’ll assist you with your questions.

        Step 4: Sampling

        Once the deal is set, our team will give you a few samples that you can check. You can give comments and suggestions we can use to meet your needs better.

        Step 2: Design

        Manage your choices from our broad product portfolio depending on your customization needs. Rest assured that our team will cater to your requirements as much as possible.

        Step 5: Manufacturing

        Lamicall’s experts will proceed to the manufacturing of your customized order, as well as the quality assurance inspections needed to ensure their quality.

        Step 3: Quote

        If you have confirmed your custom design, we will provide you with a free quote that includes all the costs that you should pay for your order.

        Step 6: Delivery

        We will ship your products to your provided address once everything is manufactured. You may contact us as well for future partnerships and orders.

          Lean Tablet Stand Manufacturing for Certified Quality

          Wholesale Tablet Stand for Your Bulk Order

          Looking for laptop stands at wholesale prices or want to order tablet stands in bulk?

          When producing our tablet stands, our biggest aim is to maximize the value that we can provide our clients with no matter who you are.

          • Amazon sellers 
          • E-commerce business owners 
          • Electronic devices wholesalers and dealers
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