Custom Tablet Car Mount

The advent of Lamicall custom tablet car mount has immensely contributed to the unavoidable usage of tablets while driving or traveling. This innovation also helps wards stay active without disturbing their parents while driving. It keeps entertainment and virtual activities in the loop with less distraction.


Tablet Car Mount

lamicall car headrest tablet mount

Lamicall Car Tablet Headrest Mount P2


iPad Holder for Car Headrest P


Getting the Custom Tablet Car Mount With Customized Logo

No matter the height of the user utilizing this customized tablet holder, Lamicall has the most ergonomic human-pivotal tablet accessories experience. Our bespoke tablet car mount has been specially created to satisfy this demand. It is part of our global commitment to decreasing ergonomics conditions that may arise due to poor postures while using electronic gadgets.



Lamicall's tablet vehicle mounts are unique and modestly priced, making them accessible to mothers with children or single fathers who want to keep their children entertained while driving. This innovative approach is compatible with any tablet model design and may be used for various purposes.



Lamicall is always ready to provide customized designs that are beneficial. Our personalized tablet automobile mount has been cleverly built to work with mobile system standards. This tablet car mount is a powerful tool for keeping tablets in place while driving.



Our custom tablet car mount is height and angle adjustable and less complex to use. This streamlined design allows for adaptability while securing the tablet in place. It can also be folded for easy storage when not in use. Depending on each user's preference, it is suitable for attaching to the rear and front seats.



Our one-of-a-kind tablet vehicle mount features a brilliant design that sets it apart in simplicity. It allows for variety in usage and gives lovely comfort to automobile owners who don't have to worry about the security of the tablets when they're in use.

Why Choose a Lamicall Custom Tablet Car Mount?

We sometimes need to attend to urgent internet needs like interviews and conference meetings and check our GPS while driving. Lamicall’s custom tablet car stands help avoid accidents that may occur as a result of using tablet devices while driving. Other benefits that you can get: Shipping 3-5 Days, US Free Shipping, a Lifetime Warranty, and Secure Checkout.


To answer the specific need of users who need to hang their tablets on a broad platform, we devised a portable yet durable tablet mount that can support any tablet's weight without breaking. In a nutshell, the design is based on mobility and simplicity of movement; it is also light and collapsible.


Our custom tablet car holder designs are functional and uncomplicated to use. They are intended to provide support and sturdiness at a very reasonable cost for most of the population of car owners. Lamicall's mounts are very ergonomic-friendly as they can adjust to an ergonomic perspective. Thus, it is excellent at preventing neck pains.


Our custom tablet vehicle holder is constructed of superb metal-plastic solid components. Aluminum is used in our manufacturing process since it is non-rustic and has high tensile strength; hence, Lamicall products are incredibly durable! Our customized tablet vehicle mount is strong and will not wear off or break quickly.


Lamicall is a company that makes high-quality tablet vehicle mounts. Our tablet mount protects tablets from twists, bumps, and scratches when used in automobiles. Texting, video production, and phone conversations are all more accessible and safer with this customized tablet car holder.

We Provide Custom Tablet Car Mount

The size, weight, and maker of a tablet are less critical with our custom tablet car mounts. With the tablet fastened on our support, users don’t have to bother even on bumpy roads. It is also made to fit with global tablet standard sizes


The Lamicall custom tablet car mount is functionally designed for mobility. It is ideal for travel reasons and is collapsible to free up space when not in use. Moreover, it can also be folded and kept in car glove compartment when not needed.



    Lamicall's design is ethical, not just long-lasting but also innovative and standardized. We attest that our tablet car mount is angle-adjustable and is designed to fit into any car model without hassles when fixing. We only provide neutral color options such as black, silver, and gray.


      Most tablets are designed with metallic plates, hence, it’s the reason for incorporating a magnetic component in our custom car mount aside from the side clips. This magnetic feature helps secure the tablet more without affecting its functionality.



        Our high-quality custom tablet car mounts are made of a blend of aluminum and plastic. They can equally withstand shakes and falls. If properly installed following our installation guidelines, it can be adjusted to the proper position for any individual.

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          Customized Branded

          Tablet Car Mount

          Some cars have been designed with a custom tablet for viewing movies, video calls, or GPS while traveling. In most cases, they are expensive and may not be easily affordable for every household. Our custom tablet car mount has been incorporated to help bridge this gap!

          Stands for Apple Products

          iPads are very popular in the class of tablets. This classy gadget is known for its varied performance and functionality. With our custom car tablet mount, it can recreate a more beautiful travel experience.

          Here is a model of our custom tablet mount that you can pick from for iPad:

          • iPad Holder for Car Headrest P

          For Universal Brands

          As stated earlier, Lamicall’s custom tablet car mount is vastly made to fit any tablet model irrespective of the size, weight, and design. It is prompt, user-friendly, easy to mount, and doesn’t leave a mark on the tablet after use.

          Here are examples of tablet car mount models in this category:

          • Headrest Tablet Mount P3
          • Lamicall Car Tablet Headrest Mount P2

          Flexible logo Locations

          The idea of customization is not faux. It was implemented for inclusiveness and to serve the need for brand awareness. A brand logo on a tablet car mount is an excellent way to personalize it without feeling left out. Your logo can be screen printed or engraved on it; either way, our clients are assured of receiving a high-quality product.

          ipad stand

          Top Back Surface Logo Customization

          Simple logos are well suited for this spot. The simplicity behind this location is that the logo can be minute, except it is necessary to make it bogus. Although, this spot makes customized items visible to everyone. Sometimes it feels great to get noticed; you can explore this option for your custom tablet car mount today!

          Front Down Surface Logo Customization

          This option is rarely available for the current designs of our custom tablet car mount designs but it is widely explored for our desk tablet stands. Aside from having a tablet mount in the car, it is as well needful to have a desk tablet stand for use in home and offices.

          Gadget Surface Logo Customization

          This is the most explored logo customization location in our product lines. It is most suitable for highly graded customization needs without failing the product design. Having the brand's logo here doesn't affect the mount's functionality.

            How to Design Your Own Custom Tablet Car Mount in Lamicall

            Thoroughness is what defines our customization process. Here at Lamicall, we ensure everything is in shape to meet our client's customization needs. As part of our commitment to providing a B2B valued-driven relationship, we follow these processes for quality assurance:

            Step 1: Tell Us Your Design Needs

            The process begins with a detailed description of a custom need by our clients; this is well documented and forwarded to our team of expert designers. Our custom tablet car mount may be imprinted with any brand's logo irrespective of the logo style.

            Step 3: Review Your Design

            We appreciate the inclination of our customers, and we do to the best of our ability by providing high-quality items while achieving their business objectives simultaneously. For the same reason, we ensure that the designs are well scrutinized until they fit the taste of our clients.

            Step 2: Get a Quote

            Lamicall's top objective is to serve and meet your customization business needs. A detailed price quotation is then given based on the number of quantities ordered. We allow our clients to adjust their MOQ to meet their budget demands flexibly.

            Step 4: Approve Final Design Version

            From start to finish, our clients are kept in the loop. No production is done without the total involvement of our customers. We are a team of experts but let our clients choose, although we may modify based on our professionalism.


              How Lamicall Build a Custom Tablet Car
              Mount for Your Use

              Lamicall, as an ever-evolving company, is set on a course to deliver massive innovations around gadget stands to meet individuals' daily needs. As a leading B2B and B2C company, our passion is driven to serve the expectations of millions of people. Our custom tablet car mounts are composed of treated aluminum and are intended for communities of users that appreciate solid, long-lasting, and portable accessories.

              To ensure quality assurance, our detailed manufacturing processes are:

              • Blanking & Stamping - which consists in cutting a large piece of metals into usable chunks
              • Impact molding - using a molding machine to bend the flat metal sheet into the required form
              • CNC Chamfering - removing sharp edges
              • Edge milling
              • Surface treatment
              • Laser marking/ Silk screen printing
              • Assembling/ Stick - attaching the silicon sheet on product
              • Packaging

              We strongly believe the opinions of our customers matter. To meet everyone's customization need, we do not rely on our team of experts only, but also on sample ideas from our communities; hence, everyone matters!

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