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Smartphones have undeniably become an essential part of our everyday life. They are much more than just phones; they entertain us, keep us company, and even help us when we feel confused. It's difficult to imagine our lives before social media. Despite the fact that cell phones are strictly prohibited in vehicles, there are several reasons why you may need to use your phone while driving.

As a consequence, whether it's a vent mount, a dash mount, or one of the various other alternatives, you must ensure that your phone is properly and securely placed in the car. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider purchasing a Lamicall car phone mount for your vehicle.

Mobile Stand

Your Reliable Car Mount Manufacturer

Lamicall is committed to making the most reliable automotive phone mounts. We felt that the vent phone mount was a niche worth investing in after researching all of the mobile phone mounts on the market. Because it is completely legal and accepted in the majority of temperate climes. As a consequence, we focused on finding the finest vent phone holder.

Lamicall is dedicated to producing the most dependable vehicle phone mounts. After reviewing all of the mobile phone mounts on the market, we decided that the vent phone mount was a niche worth investing in. Because it is entirely legal and well accepted in most temperate climates. As a result, we concentrated on selecting the best vent phone holder.

  • High-quality items manufactured from high-quality components
  • Quick turnaround on our previously stated timeframe
  • Products made specifically for your new brand
  • Excellent assistance from the beginning to the finish of the project.

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OEM Car Mount Solution

Car stands and holders are among the Lamicall OEM solutions. This includes full assistance for unique designs on items bought for your company. Our long-lasting mobile phone stands meet your customers' expectations, and we are the quality makers.

OEM solutions are available to brands, contractors, and corporate clients that sell these things at Lamicall. Our firm has established a reputation for manufacturing high-quality OEM goods that are suitable for brand launch.

Since 2008, we have worked with various brands and respectable businesses, providing OEM services and gaining good feedback. If you're looking for the greatest OEM deals in the market, Lamicall may be your next partner.


Why Choose A Lamicall Car Mount

A Lamicall vehicle stand enables users to stay organized while driving and taking care of mobile necessities. It can improve the security and hygiene of your phone, as well as your comfort and productivity. With over five years of experience in the electronic accessories business and over ten patents, mainly in the phone stand category, Lamicall is without a doubt one of the most experienced merchants in the market.


Lamicall has been addressing user demands and designing car stands to satisfy those needs for many years. Lamicall provides the finest options for users, from indoor to outdoor use. Phone stands, including adjustable, folding, and gooseneck models, make phone use more easy and pleasurable at home, work, in the bedroom, and on the move.

Outdoors, the bicycle bracket and vehicle-mounted mobile phone bracket may provide better protection for mobile phones. In any event, Lamicall recommended that each user choose the ideal stand for their specific needs.



Lamicall spent a lot of money not just to attach the phone holder to the air conditioner vent, but also to secure the phone itself. Initially, we utilized magnets to secure the phone to the stand. The mechanical construction arms were later designed to surround the telephone. We recently created a cradle-style mobile phone stand that effectively combined mechanical and electrical design to keep the phone firmly linked to the stand.

Lamicall is committed to producing high-quality aluminum alloy, silicon, and biodegradable plastic for our phone holder. These materials are extremely strong and long-lasting, making them ideal for protecting your smart devices.



Because of their low center of gravity, Lamicall cell phone stands for desktops are stable. They will not wobble or topple over due to the weight of your phone. They also include rubber bottom cushions to give stability and protect your desk from scratches. You and your equipment will be safe because our phone holders have no sharp edges.



The design of our auto stand is decided by the needs and desires of our customers. Lamicall vehicle supports come in a variety of styles and colors. Users may select a stand that firmly holds their phone or one that allows them to modify the angle.

Lamicall simplifies not just its production but also its design process. We are dedicated to uncovering the essential, removing the superfluous, and creating the most functional yet simple goods.

Simple But Classic


Our car holders were created with your convenience in mind. As a consequence, our phone stands are all incredibly easy to use. When you utilize our car stands, you won't have to worry about straining your wrists or fingers while enjoying a hands free experience..



Lamicall automotive vent phone mounts accommodate phones 4.7-6.8 inches wide or other devices with widths ranging from 2.37 to 3.54 inches. So, if you have a conventional phone or even a cover, a Lamicall auto phone holder can securely hold your phone.

Learning how to use the Lamicall Car Phone Mount is completely free. All that remains is to connect the phone to the stand (which may require some effort) and place it on the vent. All you have to do now is remove your phone from the phone stand every time you leave the car and replace it if you need to unlock your hands-free experience.


Get Your Car Mount Order Easy & Fast

We are very mindful of our customers' requirements. And, as a business dealing with us, we prioritize your clients' issues. When you purchase one of our vehicle stands, we deliver swiftly and give an easy way for you to make your order without having to wait in a long queue to get your order to our team of pros.

In order to efficiently serve our community of trusted and valued clients, we have developed a structured procedure for delivering our bespoke and OEM services. Follow these easy instructions, and you'll be glad you did.

Step 1: Consultation

The initial stage in this procedure is one-on-one online or offline conversations with our service point personnel or customer relationship officers. We periodically offer access to our technical director in order for them to connect with you and learn about your demands.

Step 3: Quote

Create a quote depending on your budget; we provide you maximum flexibility since we recognize that your budget may be slightly surpassed or minimum.

Step 5: Manufacturing

These procedures have been completed, and we will improve/adjust it over time to ensure that it conforms to market standards and the present innovation system. Aluminum is commonly utilized to create a non-rustic, unbreakable stand.

Step 2: Design

Lamicall has a whole team of skilled designers with training and expertise in this industry. You may be certain that the design you obtain will appeal to both your tastes and those of your customers.

Step 4: Sampling

Before proceeding with production, a sample is delivered to ensure that it meets all of your criteria and serves as a prototype for thorough testing.

Step 6: Delivery

Following manufacturing, we carefully package the car stand to meet marketing objectives while also including aesthetics. We also provide free domestic shipping as well as international shipping to any point on the planet.

    Lean Car Mount

    Manufacturing Just For Certified Quality

    We take considerable effort to ensure that all production rules and market criteria are met. Lamicall is likewise concerned about the SDGs and works hard to carefully manufacture our car stands in order to benefit the world.


      Take A Glance At The Best-in-class

      Car Mount Factory in China

      Lamicall employs a skilled group of product designers, engineers, and quality control managers. We assure your success from the procurement of raw materials through the manufacture and launch of your ideas. Our automobile stands provide these advantages. Our production techniques are industry-standard, and we are certified in compliance with worldwide market standards. Lamicall's OEM solutions put an end to your search in China for a durable car stand.

      Exceptional Holder Materials

      Lamicall manufactures high-quality mounting products using premium materials. You may rely on our mounts, stands, or holders for your customers. Our products are affordably priced and intended to be useful in a range of situations.

      High-Low Volume Production

      You may make a manufacturing order regardless of how big or little your purchase is. For custom-designed car stands, we require a minimum of 100 units per order. The same is true for our other product lines.

      Quick Design Turnaround

      Our turnaround time is quite short. We create design and product concepts and deliver the required number of items on time. You can count on your deliverables being on time and in good shape.

      Tailor to Your Business Needs

      Our custom car mount manufacturing systems has been designed to favor your business needs. Irrespective of the MOQ you ouder, you are still assured of making maximal profit on each unit while satisfying your clients.


      Lean Car Mount

      We are continually expanding as a brand, and adding new ideas is never an issue; Lamicall has established itself as a top B2B business with a purpose to satisfy the demands of millions of people. Our vehicle stands are made of treated aluminum and are intended to suit the demands of user communities by providing a handy mobile stand.

      The following steps are included in the manufacturing process:

      • Blanking & Stamping -  which consists in cutting a large piece of metals into usable chunks
      • Impact molding - using a molding machine to bend the flat metal sheet into the required form 
      • CNC Chamfering - removing sharp edges
      • Edge milling 
      • Surface treatment
      • Laser marking/ Silk screen printing
      • Assembling/ Stick - attaching the silicon sheet on product 
      • Packaging

      We make every effort to keep our clients' requirements in mind during these procedures. Our users are the ultimate superheroes at Lamicall!

      Car Mount quality

      Lamicall is well-known for producing automobile stands using treated aluminum alloys and plastics. Aluminum alloys are strong, non-rustic, light in weight, and can handle large loads.

      Our plastic inclusion offers adequate cushioning, and for further support, we add rubber padding to the base. You won't have to worry about the longevity of our vehicle stands because they are built to resist harsh situations.

      3000 ㎡

      Total warehouse area


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