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With the ELD mandate, truck drivers can use their cell phones, tablets, and similar devices with the right ELD system. Lamicall offers you countless device mounting solutions suitable for your trucks.


Truck Environment

Electronic logging devices record driving data like time and distance covered, which are essential in many commercial businesses. Drivers can turn their smart devices into ELD equipment so long as they install the right software.

ELD needs to be easily viewed and accessed by the driver, and our products at Lamicall do exactly just that. By mounting devices on either the dashboard, windshield, or vent, people can effortlessly use their devices while driving trucks.


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Full Truck Mounting Solution

iPad stands for trucks

Aside from ELD purposes, truck drivers can also use their iPads to plan their routes and map their destinations, especially for distant travels. We have various stands for trucks that fit different iPad models.

Phone holders for trucks

Drivers may use their phones for communication and music streaming while on the road. Our products can help attach them to an easily reachable distance from the driver, making up for unimpeded communication and easier phone usage.

Tablet stands for trucks

Tablets turned into ELD functions not only for electronic logging but also as portable devices for quick retrieval of information and transactions. Lamicall products can mount them to a viewable position to the driver without hassle.

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Color is one of the attractive aspects of a product, and choosing the right one is key to gaining loyal customers. Pick from black, white, gray, or other options to use in your products.


Mount finishes

Anti-scratch features and similar characteristics can be gained with the right finish. You can choose to use a metal finish or explore more choices with our experts.


Branded logos or texts

Having your products bear your logo is one way to make customers aware of your brand. Present us your brand logo design or tell us the text you want to add to your products.



Patterns can make your items more beautiful, which is one way to attract your customers. Tell us your thoughts about your pattern design, and our designers will incorporate them into your customized orders.


Fulfill All Truck Occasions

Making phones and tablets turned into ELD effortlessly viewable and accessible to the driver is a requirement for commercial trucks. Complying with ELD technical rules is necessary, and our truck mounting products at Lamicall can help do that.

  • Adjustable iPad stands for trucks
  • Easy to use phone holders for trucks
  • Secure tablet stands for trucks

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Since 15 years ago, Lamicall has been dedicated to providing high-quality device mounts to more than 10 million customers globally. Our extensive experience makes us capable of fulfilling your needs in truck mounting.

Check out our product portfolio made up of 120+ designs or see your options in customizing your device mounts for trucks. Ensure the quality of your items with a leading manufacturer like Lamicall today, and we’ll bring you various benefits with our low MOQ and speedy lead times.

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