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Tablets, phones, laptops, and similar devices empower peace-keeping authorities to easily connect with people. At Lamicall, we can provide a vast product portfolio suitable for usage with these devices for public safety.


Public Safety Environment

Public safety officers spend their time monitoring various situations and keeping alert for emergencies. Having an easy and straightforward view and access to their devices’ screens makes up for convenient and faster responses. 

Device stands are key to that. Our various mounts feature adjustable properties in terms of height and angle, alongside portability and security in their designs, allowing for guaranteed flexible and convenient use for the authority. Work with Lamicall today and get customized device stands for public safety purposes.

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  • Higher working efficiency
  • Enhance your marketing approach
  • Enhance classic and simplified design

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Full Public Satety Mounting Solution

Secure stands for iPads

iPads are excellent staples for retrieving information, especially for public safety. Placing them on a secure and durable holder can avoid unwanted situations, such as damage to the device and compromised work.

Phone security stand

With the importance of phones in communication, keeping them in optimal condition is necessary to ensure proper correspondence. Having a high-quality phone stand for its storage and easy access may help achieve quick responses to emergencies.

Laptop security stand

When it comes to public safety, laptops are used for monitoring CCTVs, cybersecurity, and tracking information. Prevent them from overheating and from sudden coffee spills by lifting them with a secure laptop stand.

Secure tablet desk mounts

Public safety officers use tablets and similar devices to report emergencies and accidents. Keeping them easily viewable and accessible with a secure tablet mount for desks is key to unimpeded communication.

Public Safety Mounting

Full Custom Options Offered



Choosing the right color for your customized orders lets you freely communicate their purpose and branding. Pick from a wide range of colors to use in your products, including black, white, gray, and more.


Mount finishes

Have absolute control in the design of your products, including their final appearances. Choose whether to use a metal finish or other sleek options, and we’ll make your requirements happen.


Branded logos or texts

Make your device mounts memorable by keeping your company mark on their design. Add customized logos of your brand and include texts into your product design as an enhanced marketing strategy.



Include a touch of uniqueness in your device mounts for public safety by adding some patterns to their design. Our experts at Lamicall would gladly accommodate your needs in this regard.


Fulfill All Public Safety Occasions 

Setting up a reliable communication network is necessary for keeping public safety at all times. At times of emergencies and troubles, ensuring that devices used by the authorities can be accessed easily and kept securely can be done using our device holders and stands.

  • Secure laptop stands for cybersecurity equipment
  • Accessible emergency calls with phone holders
  • Easy retrieval of and response to alerts with tablet stands

Your Reliable Public Safety Mounting Solution Expert

If you are searching for a reliable partner who can provide you with quality device mounts for public safety, our team at Lamicall would be your best choice. We guarantee to satisfy your needs with our fifteen years’ worth of experience in the trade.

Select from an extensive product portfolio of more than one hundred and twenty designs or have your device holders customized with us. Our factory in China has got your back. Regardless of your public safety device mounting needs, Lamicall can assist you.

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