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Lifting their laptops, phones, and tablets using device holders can translate to enhanced productivity for professionals working in the office. Lamicall’s product range includes various high-quality ergonomic mounts suitable for office use.


Office Environment

Sitting on a swivel chair while working in front of a desk isn’t exactly healthy and productive, especially when people are uncomfortable with their posture. Our office mounts for laptops and other devices can allow them to lift their screens to a more comfortable viewing position.

Raising the office devices also makes up for better heat dissipation, preventing overheating and possible device failure, which may impede people’s work and progress. Enhanced productivity via ergonomic advantages and better device care—that’s how our products at Lamicall can help.


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Full Office Mounting Solution

iPad stands for office

Using an iPad as a secondary screen is common in an office setting, especially when people are multi-tasking. Lamicall iPad stands feature adjustable characteristics height-wise and angle-wise allowing users to easily view their screens.

Laptop stands for office

People tend to slouch and tilt their heads downwards for long periods when using their laptops. This may cause posture problems, besides such a scenario being non-productive. Raising them with our laptop stands is the perfect solution to that.

Phone stands for office

Communication is necessary at the office, and smartphones are one of its essential components. Aside from using it as a secondary screen, having one’s phone easily accessible with a suitable phone mount makes up for quick responses.

Tablet holders for desks

Like iPads, tablets made by other brands also make up for convenient retrieval of information, aside from being a portable screen. Lamicall’s wide range of tablet mounts can help professionals access and view their devices more straightforwardly.

Satisfy Office Mounting

Full Custom Options Offered



Color is representative of your brand. Choose from a wide range of colors and hues at Lamicall in your product design, such as black, white, gray, and many more.


Mount finishes

Decide what you want your orders to look like. You may opt for a metal finish or other types of appearances, and our experts will make them for you.


Branded logos or texts

Maximize your marketing strategy at every corner by having your customized products branded with your logo. Add texts and take advantage of them to make your customers remember your brand.



Make your customized orders appear more sleek and attractive using patterns. Tell us your thoughts about the pattern designs you want to use, and Lamicall would make them happen.


Fulfill All Office Occasions With Lamicall

Achieving ergonomic efficiency at the office, such as placing a device’s screen at eye level, is key to enhancing productivity for office workers. Make that possible using the various device mounts that our Lamicall product range has to offer.

  • Adjustable laptop stands for easy viewing
  • Better working progress with tablet holders
  • Easy communication using phone mounts

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Lamicall serves as the world’s top brand of mounts and holders for various types of gadgets and devices. Established fifteen years ago, we have built the foundation and expertise needed to provide you with excellent products.

If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer and supplier of device mounts for an office, we would be your best partner. Choose from a vast product portfolio or customize your products with our team. Tell us your needs and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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