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Lamicall is the top manufacturing company that you can trust if you are looking for a device mounting solution expert for the materials handling environment. From phone mounts to tablet stands and laptop holders, we’ve got valuable solutions to offer. 


Material Handling Environment

Materials handling is a complicated process involving the movement of goods, raw or processed, to the various points of the supply chain. Keeping track of the multitude of items and optimizing the movement processes are some common concerns that many roles face.

The integration of electronic gadgets into such an environment has eased the work significantly, but the usage of device mounts can make the work more manageable. Keeping tablets, laptops, and phones easily viewable and ergonomically positioned can help achieve more efficiency in the industry.


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Full Material Handling Mounting Solution

Industrial iPad mounts

iPads are powerful gadgets in materials handling, especially when paired with the right inventory management software. Our industrial iPad mounts at Lamicall can help lift these iPads at a suitable height and angle, allowing teams to access their devices more conveniently.

Industrial laptop stands

While laptops are portable substitutes for desktop computers, they offer powerful features in terms of inventory management and related processes in material handling. Lamicall laptop stands are configured to ensure proper viewing for the users and keep air ventilation optimal.

Industrial phone holders

Coordination is a necessity in a material handling chain, and smartphones do an excellent job at such a requirement. With adjustable and ergonomic Lamicall phone holders, workers in the supply chain can communicate with each other without hassle.

Industrial tablet mounts

Like iPads, tablets are used by warehouses to keep track of their inventory, manage their warehouse, receive orders, arrange movement schedules, and do a lot of other tasks. Workers can achieve more efficient usage of tablets with our height-adjustable Lamicall tablet mounts.

Satisfy Material Handling Environment

Full Custom Options Offered



Picking the right color for your products is one way to ensure visibility, attract customers, represent your brand, and do other applications. Select from black, gray, white, or others for your products.


Mount finishes

Using the right finish type for your custom order is necessary to achieve their right range of durability and appearance. Choose a metal finish or explore other options with our professional team.


Branded logos or texts

Take full advantage of logos and texts to increase brand awareness on the market today. Present your logo design to us and we will add them to your customized products.



Incorporate unique pattern designs to your custom orders and enhance their overall appearance. Talk to us today about your pattern ideas and our designers at Lamicall will do their best to meet your requirements.


Fulfill All Material Handling Occasions

Setting up a reliable communication network is necessary for keeping public safety at all times. At times of emergencies and troubles, ensuring that devices used by the authorities can be accessed easily and kept securely can be done using our device holders and stands.

  • Adjustable laptop stands for materials handling
  • Secure industrial phone holders
  • Ergonomic iPad and tablet stands

Your Reliable Material Handling Mounting Solution Expert

Established in 2008, Lamicall is at the forefront of the device mounting solution industry with our set of more than one hundred patents. A strong reputation in more than eighty countries, diverse clientele, and extensive product range are what makes us confident in satisfying your needs.

Select from our wide collection of over 120 products or discover your customization options with our experts. Fulfill your requirements with Lamicall today, your go-to manufacturer of material handling mounting solutions.

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