Mobile Stands & Mounts for Home

Lamicall is the number one brand all over the world when it comes to electronic device holders and mounts. We offer you a sundry collection of high-quality device stands fit for home usage and home-based work.


Home Environment

People are inseparable from their phones, tablets, and laptops, especially at home. They hold such gadgets for long periods, regardless of whether they’re in bed, kitchen, living room, or study area.

Home-based workers need to set up their workplace for productivity, while children at home need to fix their slouching posture when using their gadgets. Lifting these devices at a suitable viewing angle and height is key to their easier, healthier, and more convenient usage. Our Lamicall products can help achieve that.


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Full Home Mounting Solution

iPad holders for home

Many use their iPads for watching movies in bed or for browsing the web while lying on the sofa. They can use their iPads more comfortably with soft but firm pillow holders and easily adjustable gooseneck mounts.

Phone holders for home

People can use their phones for video calls and watching videos on streaming platforms. Having them easy to view at the right angle and height can be possible with our adjustable and metal phone holders.

Tablet stands for home

Those who love to cook may watch video tutorials and shows when they’re in the kitchen. Our tablet holders, either gooseneck, portable, or adjustable ones, can provide convenient hands-free viewing of their screens.

Satisfy Home Mounting

Full Custom Options Offered



If you’re starting a business in home mounting solutions, considering the color of your products would be necessary to attract your customers. Choose from black, gray, white, or others for your items.


Mount finishes

The type of finish that you use for your products would determine their final appearance and durability. Select a metal finish or see other options with our designers at Lamicall.


Branded logos or texts

Adding your logo to your products is one of the best ways to make your brand known to the market. Show us your logo and text design and we’ll do the rest.



Enhance the appearance of your products and make them appear unique by adding a suitable pattern design. Talk with our experts about your pattern ideas and we’ll incorporate them into your products.


Fulfill All Home Occasions

Making work from home more ergonomic and watching movies in bed more comfortable are some ways our products at Lamicall can help. Grasp that need among customers and start a business in device mounts for home with us.

  • Adjustable stands for laptops and iPads
  • Comfortable tablet pillow holders
  • Metal phone holders

Your Reliable Home Mounting Solution Expert

After 15 years of dedicated work, Lamicall has grown to be one of the best device mounting solution experts that you can trust. We design our products with exquisite precision, making our products of truly high quality.

If you are looking for a manufacturer of home mounting solutions to work with, Lamicall would be your best choice. Select from a vast portfolio of more than 120 products or take a look at your customization options with our professionals.

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