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As a globally leading device holders brand, Lamicall can provide you with various mounting solutions for commercial purposes, including holders and mounts for smartphones, tablets, iPads, laptops, and other gadgets. 


Commercial Environment

Enhancing customer experience and ensuring smooth transactions are important for success in a commercial environment. More and more business owners use cell phones and other kinds of devices to cater to their customers’ needs.

Aside from replacing POS machines with tablets and iPads, people also use such gadgets for promotions and faster showcasing of catalogs. Having the right mounts and holders to use for these devices is essential for their convenient and secure usage. That’s where we come in. Get top-quality commercial device mounts from Lamicall today.


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Full Commercial Mounting Solution

iPad stands for businesses

Many utilize their iPads to do low-tech marketing and promotions, aside from such devices being portable business tools they can use for setting up kiosks. Lamicall’s range of iPad stands for businesses would keep them secure and easily accessible.

Commercial laptop holders

Business owners and commercial establishments use laptops for many purposes, including retrieval of information, communication, and marketing. Making them easier and more ergonomic to use is possible with our Lamicall laptop stands for commercial use.

Phone holders for commercial use

Aside from being a communication tool, smartphones pack other powerful features like remote access to one’s laptop, music listening, video streaming, and more. Our adjustable phone holders will make them easier to use at the right angle and height.

Tablet stands for businesses

Tablets offer many advantages in business, such as being a portable gadget, easy to use features, and many more. Having them easily viewable and accessible is key to more convenient usage, and you can make that possible with our tablet stands at Lamicall.

Satisfy Commercial Mounting

Full Custom Options Offered



Color represents your brand, aside from it being an attractive aspect that your customers may consider. Choose whether to use black, white, gray, or other color options with our designers.


Mount finishes

The product finish is the final touch that our experts will make to your orders, and picking the right one is key to ensuring their durability and appearance. Pick a metal finish or try other options with us.


Branded logos or texts

Adding your logos or advertising texts to your products is key to increasing brand awareness in the market. Present your logo to us and our experts will skillfully incorporate them into your order.



Including patterns in your products is one way to attract your customers, especially when the right design is used. Talk to us about your pattern ideas, and our professional designers will happily assist you.


Fulfill All Commercial Mounting Occasions

Businesses need various devices, like phones, tablets, and laptops, for communication, marketing, and other purposes. Mounting such devices on secure and adjustable holders is key to easier and more productive usage of them. Work with Lamicall today and get excellent device holders for commercial use.

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  • Adjustable laptop holders
  • Foldable phone mounts

Your Reliable Commercial Mounting Solution Expert

Lamicall began fifteen years ago, and we serve as the leading manufacturer of electronic device holders all over the world today. With a continuous effort to bring innovative and top-quality products to our customers, we are the commercial mounting solution expert that you can trust.

Have a look at our collection of more than 120 items or discover your options for product customization with our professional team. Enjoy guaranteed yield quality, low MOQ, and speedy product orders with Lamicall today.

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