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Lamicall is a leading manufacturer of mounts and stands suitable for numerous device types, including phone mounts for cars. Whether you need phone holders for windshields, vents, or dashboards, our product range has it for you.

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Trading company

Offer your clients a diverse product portfolio and guarantee huge order quantities by working with Lamicall today. With our factory in China, trust that we can provide you with excellent car phone mounting solutions and satisfy your order requirements. Grow your business with Lamicall.



Conquer the local market by providing your buyer network with top-quality car phone mounts that consumers will love. Regardless of how high your order quantity is, everything is negotiable. With our experts at Lamicall, you can ensure enough car phone mount supply for your client base.


Value-added reseller

With our fifteen years’ worth of experience in our trade, we understand how much consumers love quality and convenience in what they buy. If you are looking to sell high-quality car phone holders, we would be your best partner. Capture the market by selling excellent products with Lamicall.


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Car Air Vent Phone Holder C2


iPad Holder for Car Headrest P


Magnetic Vent Car Phone Holder CV06


Gooseneck Cell Phone Holder GP03

Air Vent Car Phone Holder with Adjustable Clip CV01

Air Vent Phone Holder Adjustable Clip CV01


Gooseneck Cell Phone Holder GP03

Why Lamicall Car Phone Mounts for Workplace


Phones are useful tools that can be used for navigation. Securing one with a suitable car phone mount in front of the driver makes up for convenient viewing and access. Lamicall’s phone holders for cars are equipped with shock-resistant rubber and silicone, aside from their stable attachment system, to prevent damage to our consumer’s devices.

Precise fit

With the influx of phone models being released in recent years, our experts at Lamicall made sure that our products can accommodate a vast array of cell phone units. Our products’ wide compatibility with various phone brands is made possible with ingenious adjustable features as well as universal designs.

Built to last

Lamicall is known for its high-end products and innovative designs. With manufacturing techniques developed over more than a decade, our experts turn every piece of high-quality metal, magnet, silicone, and plastic, into the car phone holders that we supply you with. Literally, durability at its finest.

One-stop Car Phone Mounting Solution Provider

Phone holders for trucks

With the usage of trucks for delivering goods from one place to another, navigation apps are helpful accessories for the truckers. Lamicall’s range of car phone mounts can also be used for trucks, allowing for navigation benefits and safe driving.


Vehicle phone holders

When designing our phone holders for cars, our experts considered the various models and configurations of the vehicles that our consumers may have. Varying from windshield, dash, or vent mounts, our range fits a huge array of vehicles.

Cell phone holders for cars

Aside from using navigation apps, people can also use their phones to access music, entertainment, and even taxi service software like Uber. Securing a phone near the driver is one excellent way to maximize such benefits.


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Apple iPhone stands

We keep up with the technological trends, making us capable of ensuring that our car phone holders are highly compatible with various Apple iPhone models.

Samsung phone holders

Pick from a wide range of suitable car phone mounts for Samsung smart phones, including windshield stands, vent phone holders, and magnetic car mounts.

Google Pixel car mounts

Supply your market with a vast product portfolio, inclusive of cradle and magnetic phone holders, suitable for securing Google Pixel phone models to one’s car.

Universal mobile holders

Our products at Lamicall have been designed with a huge consumer base in mind, making them feature adjustable and universal characteristics. Get flexible and magnetic car phone holders from us.

Zebra phone holders

Bring excellent car phone mounts suitable for Zebra phone units to your market by working with us. Ranging from vent phone holders to magnetic ones, we can provide you with various items.


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    Recognized as one of the best brands in the production of device holders, Lamicall is your reliable go-to expert. Established fifteen years ago, we have the expertise and capability of providing you with high-quality products.

    Customers like value for their money, and we understand such sentiment. Our team ensures that our products stay durable and pack a lot of convenient features. Select from more than 120 different product designs from our range, and tell us about your needs. Work with us at Lamicall today.

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