Lamicall laptop cooler LN04


Laptop Cooling Pad LN04

  • Cooling Your Laptop

  • 7 Height Adjustable

  • 2 USB Ports

  • Portable Design

  • Whisper Quiet

  • Color: Black, Silver

    Product Specification

    • Product Name Laptop Cooling Pad
    • Model No. LN04
    • Material ABS / Aluminum
    • Dimension 2.1 x 11.6 x 1.7 inches
    • Fan Dimension 160*160*20mm/6.3*6.3*0.8 inches
    • Weight 640g
    • Fan Speed 300-800RPM±15%
    • Voltage 5V DC
    • Cable Length 60cm/23.6 inches
    • Height Adjustment 7 Levels
    • USB Port 2
    • Compatibility Laptop within 17 inches

    Packing List

    How to Use

    1. Place the Cooling Pad on the desk. And adjust the height.
    2. Open the stopper and place your laptop on the Cooling Pad.
    3. Connect the Cooling Pad to the power. Turn the switch knob clockwise to switch on or turn up the fan speed. Turn anti-clockwise to switch off or turn down.
    4. (Please contact us if your laptop is not compatible with the USB port.)


    Slim and lightweight Macbook air stand holder, allowing you to store it in your laptop bag and take it with you wherever you go. Our adjustable notebook stand holder fits all tablets and laptops up to 17” such as Mac MacBook Air Pro 13 15 Microsoft Surface Google Pixelbook Dell XPS HP Acer Chromebook, etc.

    Cooling Your Laptop

    Lamicall laptop Cooling Pad with the mesh design and the big fan spinning at adjustable speed from 700 – 1400 RPM, greatly dissipate the heat from the laptop, enable it in good working condition, and prolong the lifespan of your laptop. Valentines Day Gifts Presents.

    7 Height Adjustable

    The adjustable laptop riser can be adjusted to comfortable height based on your actual need. It letting you fix posture and relieves neck, shoulder and spinal pain. It’s Not just a laptop Cooling Pad, but also a perfect laptop stand holder.

    2 USB Ports

    This portable laptop cooler is equipped with two USB ports make this laptop cooler more convenient to use. One to connect laptop for powering. Another to connect extra USB devices, like USB flash drives, keyboard, etc. Warm Tips: The packaged cable is USB to USB connection. Type C connection devices need to prepare an Type C to USB adapter.

    Whisper Quiet

    The noise reduction design of this laptop cooler makes it not disturb you even at maximum power, allowing you to concentrate on watching videos or work, enable a comfortable working environment


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