How To Remove A Pop Socket and Its Alternatives

Pop sockets are a great way to customize your phone and make it stand out. You can get them in almost any color or design, and they’re easy to put on and take off. However, removing your pop socket may be necessary if you wish to alter the appearance of your phone. Say, you want to alter it with a phone ring holder this time.

But, how to remove a pop socket? While pop sockets aren’t permanent, they can be difficult to remove if you’ve waited too long. The best way to remove a pop socket is to heat the back of the phone with a hair dryer or hot mug until the glue holding it in place softens enough for you to pull it off without damaging anything else on your phone (like your screen). This method should work for most phones and cases — don’t burn yourself!

What Are Pop Sockets and How Do Pop Sockets Work

Pop sockets attach to smartphones and other mobile devices. These accessories make phone use more accessible and more comfortable in capturing selfies and movies without awkwardly holding their phones. Pop sockets have diverse shapes, sizes, and colors. You can find them in cell phone accessory stores or on Amazon or eBay.

A pop socket is made of rubber and plastic with a round disk and a suction cup. It has two prongs on either side of the disk that allow you to grip it while using your phone. So, you don’t have to hold your phone with both hands, and there isn’t much room for error when shooting video or taking pictures.

Who Made PopSockets and When Did Pop Sockets Come Out

Former philosophy professor David Barnett wants to keep his headphones untangled. He glued two buttons to his phone to wrap his headphones around. After some family-friendly teasing, he came up with a better design. To raise money for his iPhone cover, Barnett teamed up the customized mobile pop holder and mobile stands with Speck design and posted his project on Kickstarter.

PopSockets was designed without a case after this initial concept was abandoned. A sticky gel pad was added to the accordion design by Barnett after the issue had been removed. You can now use it as a kickstand for your phone or wrap your headphones over it. That was the birth of Pop Sockets.

What Is a Pop Socket Used for and Where Do You Put a Pop Socket

What Is a Pop Socket Used for and Where Do You Put a Pop Socket
What Is a Pop Socket Used for and Where Do You Put a Pop Socket

Image: Pinterest

What exactly is the role of a pop socket? It is easy to use if you’ve familiarized yourself with the following tips and tricks. It’s common for pop sockets to be used as a phone stand or grip, but there are countless other uses for this innovative invention! Find them out in the sections below.


The position of a pop socket on your cellphone should be put in the lower right corner of the phone. This way, the user can easily use their left thumb to adjust volume or pause when watching videos.


A pop socket should be on the bottom of your tablet when you hold it. This allows for better grip, especially when using the device with one hand. It should not be attached to the top of your tablet because it’ll be harder to hold. This may seem counterintuitive, but try holding your tablet in different positions, and you’ll quickly understand why this is so important.


The best position for the pop socket is to put it facing up. If the iPad has a built-in stand, then you can push the pop socket into that groove to keep it secured. If there is no built-in stand, you can use an Apple tablet case with a built-in stand. This way, you can slip the iPad into the matter, flip it around and stick the pop socket inside of that opening to stay in place.

Accessory or Clothes Hanger

The first out-of-the-box idea is to hang apparel and accessories to a pop socket. Pop sockets may be attached to a wide range of surfaces, including metal, wood, and plastic. This provides a great deal of flexibility. To hang clothes, towels, purses, and more, you must attach one to the wall. Using a pop socket in the bathroom to hang wet towels and garments is also an option.

Knobs for the Drawer

To open a drawer without a handle is very frustrating. It’s possible that the drawer is broken or that it was delivered without a handle. Using pop sockets to build a temporary knob on the outside of the drawer makes it much easier to open and close.

Hang Decorations or String Lights

You can use a pop socket to hang decorations or light fixtures when decorating your home or room because of its reusable sticky gel. With pop sockets, you can hang Christmas lights, flags, ornaments, or beads.

Cup Handle

Pop sockets can also be used unconventionally by attaching them to a cup’s side. With the unique branding available for pop sockets, you may handle your beverage comfortably while appearing fashionable. It eliminates the risk of your cup falling out of your hands or spilling your drink.

Fidget Toy

Sometimes you require something to occupy your hands. Because of their small size and ease of usage, pop sockets are excellent fidget toys. When you hear that popping sound, you know it’s working. To relieve tension or pass the time, it’s a good idea to play this game.

Cord Wrap

Smartphones generally come with headphones, which can quickly become tangled. After they’ve been in your pocket for a while, getting them untangled and ready for use can be challenging. When you’re not using your headphones, securing them with two pop sockets on the rear of your phone is a simple solution to this problem.

Phenomenon: Pop Sockets Are So Popular

Phenomenon: Pop Sockets Are So Popular
Phenomenon: Pop Sockets Are So Popular

Image: ipromo

Selfie sticks may have made Time Magazine’s list of the year’s finest inventions. But the pop socket, a less intrusive smartphone accessory, became trendy too. To take selfies or scroll through Instagram feed with one hand, collapsible grips/stands attach to smartphones’ rear made it in-demand.

On average, PopSockets sales have climbed tenfold each year since they were founded by former University of Colorado Boulder philosophy professor David Barnett. Its success story isn’t like most current startups. PopSockets has no financial backing and minimal traditional marketing. Barnett hustled instead. In his second year, he landed PopSockets’ first significant retailer relationships with Sam’s Club and T-Mobile.

These coups allowed him to hire personnel with business skills (like Kidrobot’s former president). Early copies got into the hands of Serena Williams and Gigi Hadid, providing free promotion.

Facts: Why Pop Sockets Are So Bad

Pop sockets are a hot new phone accessory that you can use to prop up your phone, attach it to other objects, or even use as a stand. They’re super fun and versatile but also bad for your phone and potentially dangerous for you.

Pop sockets are made of silicone, a very soft material that can easily tear or get ripped off of your phone’s case if it gets caught on something. Your phone’s screen or body could get scratched if you do this. As a stand or mounting point for your device, there is a possibility that you might drop it at an unusual angle, causing the screen to crack, or something even worse.

You’d Better Not to Re-Use Pop Sockets

Pop sockets are lovely. They’re easier to grasp, prevent drops, and can be used as a stand. They become dirty, though. When they do, replace them. No one knows what to do with old pop sockets. They believe reusing pop sockets would be great, but it’s not.

An old pop socket won’t stick to your phone since it’s worn down. Your phone will slip out of your grasp if it doesn’t stick. Dropping your phone while using one of these gadgets could cause severe damage or an accident.

Pop Socket Keeps Breaking

Using pop sockets is tricky. When removed from a phone case, some of them break. Check your phone case’s fit to ensure no objects are blocking the pop socket. If everything seems good, try taping or sticking a sticker over the pop socket break. This will aid with removal.

Pop Socket Finger Pain

Finger pain is a real thing that you don’t want to deal with. But if you’re a pop socket user, there’s a good chance you’re already dealing with it. That’s because pop sockets are designed to hook onto your fingers. And that means they can give your fingers some severe pain!

Pop Socket Not Sticky

The pop socket is not sticky because it’s made of a soft rubber that won’t get caught on your clothes or leave residue on your phone. You do not need to be concerned about any residue being left behind because the adhesive on the rear of the pop socket will only attach to itself and not to anything else.

Pop Socket Alternatives

Things like pop sockets
Things like pop sockets

Image: media peanut

Pop sockets are phone accessories that you will love. These helpful little holders stick on the back of your phone and allow various uses, from a stand for watching videos to a phone grip freeing up your hands. It’s only that many people can’t afford these accessories. The good news is that you’ll have a lot of options.

Phone Ring Holder

The phone ring holder connects to your desk and keeps your phone, tablet, or other gadgets from vibrating while you work. It is made of soap-and-water-friendly plastic and includes a hole at the top for easy desk or countertop attachment. It also works on any smooth surface.

Phone Kick Stand

Phone kickstand is a new product that allows you to use your phone while charging. It is a simple stand that fits over the back of your phone and can be used in either portrait or landscape mode. It works with any charger, including USB-C and Apple Lightning.

The phone kickstand is made from high-quality silicone so it won’t scratch or damage your device. The stand also comes in several bright colors to match your style!

Pop Socket vs Ring Holders (For iPhone & Android) Pros and Cons

It’s better to use a ring holder when jogging or moving, as it provides more stability. Unless this is the case, a pop socket is the easiest to take up and set down. They differ in that they’re both circular, but how you hold them determines the difference. Think about the perks and cons that come with each choice.

Phone pop sockets have the following advantages:

  • Hands-free viewing is possible because of the flexible grip.
  • It can also be a phone stand.
  • Custom pop-up designs are made possible by interchangeable pop heads
  • Allows for a wide variety of rings to be worn.
  • Wireless charging capabilities are supported.
  • Wallet with pop socket

When it comes to different devices, pop sockets are detachable and can be used in conjunction with different cases.

Ring Holders have the following advantages:

  • The ability to retain a 360-degree angle with one finger.
  • For adults, a slim, sleek, and fashionable look
  • On larger phones, you can go to the bottom of the screen.
  • An innovative, sophisticated appearance is the goal.
  • It’s possible to mix this with other situations.

Using a ring holder from any position is secure and comfortable. Some wallet bling (made of ceramic) can be wirelessly charged.

Best Way to Remove a Pop Socket (Step-by-Step Guide)

Best Way to Remove a Pop Socket (Step-by-Step Guide)
Best Way to Remove a Pop Socket (Step-by-Step Guide)

Image: Life wire

If you wish to remove a pop socket from your gadget, you may count on us to help you out!

Removing a pop socket is not as simple as it seems, especially if you want to do so without damaging your phone. Here are the best ways of removing a pop socket:

  • Push down on an expanded pop socket. Raised pop sockets can’t be removed from devices. The pop socket could detach during removal.
  • Nail the pop socket foundation. Push your fingernails under the pop socket’s base. You need to push just enough to grab the pop socket. You should feel the pop socket separating from your phone.
  • Slowly remove the phone’s pop socket. Lightly pull the pop socket. Gently remove the pop socket. Start on one side and take the pop socket off.

How to Apply a Pop Grip (Full Instruction)

How to Apply a Pop Grip (Full Instruction)
How to Apply a Pop Grip (Full Instruction)

Image: Wikihow

Applying a pop grip is a great way to add some flare to your outfit. This is it if you’re looking for an easy way to make your look stand out.

We’ll show you how to install a pop grip in the following tutorial.

  • To get the brand’s pop socket, go to the legit website. A wide variety of colors and patterns are available. A unique image can create a personalized pop socket when you place an order.
  • Decide where to attach your pop socket. Position it based on how you’ll utilize it without removing the adhesive, and test how the pop socket fits on the phone. If you wish to attach two pop sockets to your phone, make sure they line up.
    • Place the pop socket in the bottom of a tiny phone to prop it vertically.
    • Two pop sockets can hold many phones or your headphones.
    • Choose whether to attach the pop socket to your phone or a case.
  • Remove the adhesive sticker. When attaching the pop socket, remove the sticker. Start with one corner and remove slowly to prevent ripping the sticker. Do not remove the pop socket’s adhesive before applying it to your phone.
  • Phone pop socket. Once the adhesive is revealed, place the pop socket. Press down for 10-15 seconds to ensure it sticks.

How to Find a Phone Grip Manufacturer

It’s challenging to find a phone grip manufacturer. You’ll need to evaluate numerous companies to discover one that offers this service. There are several varieties of phone grips; therefore, many manufacturers can help.

Start by searching online for phone grip manufacturers. You can find one quickly if you know where to look. You shouldn’t decide on just one phone grip manufacturer; instead, look at all possible options before picking.

Once you have decided on a company that makes phone grips, it is time for them to start creating yours!

Best Phone Finger Grip

The best phone finger grip is Lamicall. It’s easy to use and gives you a solid grip on your phone. That’s especially useful for folks with arthritis or other hand-related ailments.

It’s made of soft silicone that doesn’t hurt your fingers, so you can use it daily without feeling the soreness or pain. The material is also durable and flexible, so it won’t crack or break easily when dropped or thrown around in your purse. It comes in three different colors: gold, pink, and black. They’re all stylish and would look great on any phone!

For  Wireless Charging

The Lamicall finger grip for wireless charging is a new way to charge your phone. It has a comfortable design that allows you to keep your hands free, so you can do other things while charging. This product will be perfect for anyone who uses their phone while charging it on the go. Lamicall finger grip is compatible with any phone with wireless charging capabilities.

Phone Grips for Silicone Cases

It is easier to hold a phone with Lamicall phone grips as your phone will not be scratched or damaged by the flexible silicone. It is compatible with Apple, Samsung, and HTC devices. Also, the grip-enhancing case comes with a free screen protector.

Lamicall grips for silicone cases offer an ergonomic solution for those who don’t use a case. The back of the device includes two handles that make it convenient to use when gaming or texting.

Phone Holder for Carpal Tunnel

A Lamicall phone holder for carpal tunnel is a great way to keep your phone in one place while driving. To make viewing your phone more accessible, it contains an adjustable arm and a clamp that can connect to the dashboard or windshield of your car. The Lamicall phone holder for the carpal tunnel has a suction cup so you can attach it to other smooth surfaces.

Best Phone Grip for Arthritis

A Lamicall phone grip is an excellent tool for people who have arthritis and want to use their phones without pain. The grip has rubber bumpers on each side, which protect your phone from slipping out of your hand or getting scratched when you’re using it in bed or on the couch. It also has an adjustable strap to wrap around your wrist to ensure you don’t drop your phone while using it.


Pop sockets are little phone accessories made of sturdy, flexible material. They can be custom designed and printed to your specifications. The people who use these products enjoy them and believe it is something new for the mobile accessory market.

For a strong and high-quality pop socket, however, look no further than Lamicall’s phone ring holders! You may find out more about our fantastic offers and products by getting in touch with Lamicall!

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