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If you are looking for quality headphone stands to sell, you are on the right page! Lamicall can provide you with various mounts for headphones and a wide array of device accessories.

Headset Stands

Here we list some popular Headset Stands for you to choose from. If you have any products you are interested in, you can feel free to contact us for an inquiry. If you don't find a suitable product, you can also contact us and tell us your needs.


    Under Desk Headphone Hanger DH01


    Adhesive Headset Hanger DH02


    HeadPhone Hook Desk DH03


    Headset Stand for Desk H1

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    Your Reliable Headphone Stand

    Over our 15 years in manufacturing device accessories, Lamicall has developed an extensive portfolio of products we provide to our clients. We can bring you various types of headphone stands, like ones made of metal, ABS, alloy, and more.

    We strive to implement the concept of ease and convenience in our products, as evident with our adjustable and portable headphone stands. Get your share in the market by providing these convenient products to your customers today.

    Why Choose Lamicall Headphone Stands


    Lamicall headphone stands can be used anytime, anywhere. Whether in a car or in front of a desk, our products have the versatility to handle one’s headphones.


    Achieve a much more efficient workflow with our various headphone stands. With our products being truly versatile, your customers can organize their workspace to maximize ergonomic benefits.

    Simple but classic

    Covered in a simple finish, the headphone stands that we produce here at Lamicall feature classic yet exquisite designs that make up for their overall functionality.


    Our team conducts various tests and rigid inspections to ensure that our products bear the integrity of our brand in terms of durability, design, functionality, and more.


    We use robust manufacturing technologies to ensure our products’ quality. By employing advanced techniques and using premium materials, Lamicall headphone stands are of guaranteed standard.


    Lamicall designers understand that our end-users are not always in one place. With this in mind, we produce multifunctional headphone stands suitable for use on many occasions.


    Take a Glance at the Best-in-Class Headphone Stands
    Factory in China

    Lamicall has been in the industry for more than a decade, and we are still continuing to provide our clients all over the world with quality headphone stands and other types of device holders. Our experts have patented 136 designs in our trade, making us capable of giving you a broad portfolio of headphone mount configuration options.

    Our company has taken over various markets, such as Amazon’s e-commerce platform, serving as proof of our products’ quality. By producing world-class products, Lamicall has reached markets in more than 80 countries. Work with us and take your market share with our superb headphone stands today.

    3000 ㎡

    Total warehouse area

    1200 +

    Finished Jobs

    Get Your Custom Headphone Stands Easy & Fast

    Step 1: Consultation

    If you want to get customized headphone stands, all you have to do is reach out to our team. Our experts would gladly assist you with your queries.

    Step 4: Sampling

    Based on your requirements, our manufacturing team will produce samples for you to check. Once you have confirmed the sample, we’ll proceed to produce your order officially.

    Step 2: Design

    Lamicall has a vast product portfolio you can browse, plus the various configurations you can choose for your order. You may also present your design to us.

    Step 5: Manufacturing

    Lamicall’s experts will begin to manufacture your products in our factory. After the yield is produced, quality inspections will be conducted under strict regulations.

    Step 3: Quote

    With your headphone stand design set, our team will provide you with a free estimate of the costs and expenses needed for your custom order.

    Step 6: Delivery

    After manufacturing and testing your headphone stands, they will be packaged and delivered to your provided warehouse. Lamicall will keep in contact with you for future collaborations.

      Lean Headphone Stands Manufacturing for Certified Quality

      Lean Headphone Stands Production

      At Lamicall, we strive to provide our clients with cost-effective manufacturing offers. By employing various lean manufacturing techniques, our experts can guarantee our products’ quality with minimal waste.

      With streamlined production procedures from preparation to processing, Kaizen techniques, and smoother manufacturing flow, we bring you headphone stands of certified quality at a maximized value.


      Premium Quality

      Our factory produces a wide array of headphone stand designs, varying in terms of design, usage, and materials. We use various materials like ABS plastics, silicone, metal alloys, and many more. With 15 years' worth of research and development, Lamicall is able to ensure that our products are of superior quality.


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