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Lamicall is a leading B2B brand specializing in the production of OEM solutions offering stands and holders for phones, tablets, laptops, headsets, and watches. This includes full support for custom designs on any/all products you order. Your customers need quality, and we’re the quality makers.

What Lamicall Manufactures

Phone Stands

  • Custom phone stands are by choice
  • Target phones of a particular brand
  • Your brand gets promoted for free
  • Cover the scope of the latest devices
  • Do not burn your pocket — Affordable

Tablet Stand & Holders

  • Get stands for any brand you want
  • Highly stable when holding a tablet
  • Color, style, and design variations
  • Quality material, foldable, and flexible
  • Sturdy and durable, designed to last

Laptop Stands & Pads

  • Multiple sizes for a single brand laptops
  • Custom designed in various heights
  • Tailored to a specific group of people
  • Anti-scratch, safe, strong, and durable
  • Best prices for excellent profit margin

Bike Phone Holders & Mounts

  • High-quality stands for long ventures
  • Portable, foldable, and mounts perfectly
  • Custom designs with your brand’s logo
  • In multiple colors, targeting more users
  • All stands have passed quality tests

Apple Watch Stands

  • Attractive, light, and portable
  • high-quality material
  • Smooth design
  • Highly versatile and adaptable
  • Customized for your business

Headset Stands

  • Stands designed with aesthetic looks 
  • Available for walls, table, desks, or drawer
  • Safe, anti-slip or non-skid, and durable
  • Support enough weight to hold headset
  • Budget-friendly designs with a high-profit margin

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How We build mobile phone & laptop stands


Blanking involves cutting up a large stock sheet into smaller pieces appropriate for stamping operation. Stamping prevents the ripping of sheet metal during the blanking process.

Steel blanking generates low-cost metal parts easily tailored to the final production result. Blanking enables the production of more with less. The Machine is designed to nest parts as close together as possible, decreasing waste.

Aluminum is usually considered the best choice metal for the production of our products due to its lightweight and inability to rust. Sizes of the end product are considered in blanking and stamping; hence amazing products are achieved.

Blanking & Stamping

Edge milling

Edge milling is a new and more in-depth procedure formerly known as deburring, edge honing, edge preparation, burring, or edge blending. This process often involves creating quality, smooth and less sharp edges after cutting and chamfering.

An edge that has been adequately prepared has more excellent stability, which reduces the likelihood of it chipping while also decreasing surface roughness, which can cause increased friction between the tool and the workpiece.

Reduced friction means minor wear on the instrument and a cleaner finished product. Our stands are safe to carry about and for use at any position.

Edge milling


At this phase of stand manufacturing, different workpieces are stuck together to make the product whole. Most times, it is considered the least technical procedure but demands skill and attention in the true sense.

While assembling these parts, gums and screws are used to ensure the product is firmly bound for packaging and use for customers. Silicone-based adhesives are used to stock silicone rubbers at the four corners.

The assemblies of the foldable and adjustable stand can be pretty technical, and this is why every dimension must be appropriately measured before cutting.

Assembling/ Stick the silicon sheet on product


This process involves bending the flat metal sheet into the desired shape with the molding machine. Each mold has been suitably designed to create unique designs for different stands; in the case of custom designs, technicians go all in to manipulate the mold.

Although each dimension has been calculated to match the design intents, we create outstanding products that are perfect for use.

Our products undergo a creative molding process that defines the beauty of the results as seen by customers from the very beginning, all thanks to our experienced workers.

Impact Molding

Surface treatment

The surface treatment involves electroplating the metal, Anodic Oxidation, and Painting. This process is essential to make the surface of the metal smoother and more resistant to corrosion. Make the end products more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing and give them a custom color.

This procedure involves cleaning and surface activation where mechanical grinding, brushing and polishing, vapor degreasing, washing with organic grease solvents, “pickling” in concentrated acid or alkaline solutions and electrolytic degreasing.

Textures and smooth lining are also added; the aluminum metal, after degreasing, usually gets a brighter and shiny look, making the product more perfect for use.

Surface treatment


Packaging involves designing, evaluating, and producing a container for the products. In detail, this stage consists in enclosing or protecting the product for distribution, storage, sale, and use.

After all the process above, the product won't look appealing to customers without proper packaging. This is how the brand appeals to its customers, where the brand color and messages can be passed.

Aside from making the product look beautiful, it also creates a casing for customers to move the products around quickly after purchase.Customers can request or provide designs on how they want their package to look for custom designs.


CNC Chamfering

Chamfering also removes sharp edges after blanking and impact molding, significantly minimizing the likelihood of cuts and injury to those handling the metal item. The CNC Chamfering makes the edges blunt.

A chamfer mill eliminates sharp edges, leaving a sloped surface or a chamfer. Chamfering also eases the assembly of the various parts before packaging and distribution for sales.

At Lamicall, we are safety cautious, this is why we make sure every user of products doesn’t encounter a disaster while using them. Our phone and laptop stands are usable by nursing mothers and old people as they have blunt edges.

CNC Chamfering

Laser marking Silk screen printing

Laser marking or silk screen printing is how we place logos and brand names on our products. Laser marking uses a high-energy-density laser beam to mark the workpiece, leaving a permanent marking.

Screen printing is a printing technique whereby a mesh transfers ink onto a substrate. Screen printing is a printing technique, while laser marking is the process of marking or labeling with a laser beam.

Engraving, removing, annealing and foaming are different laser techniques. Customers are left with choosing which labeling procedure they want for custom designs, although the laser is more cost-efficient and lasts long on the product.

Laser marking/ Silk screen printing

All-in-One Mobile Monting Solution

Professional Stands & Holders at High Quality

Every product that comes out of Lamicall is well designed and holds the class of high quality. All details are well mapped out considering the convenience of the customers', starting with how our phones, laptops, and smartwatches stands are designed, enabling consumers to move their gadgets around with high safety measures.


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If you want to get some phone stands for your new brand or laptop stands for your company, Lamicall is a reliable provider. We’re committed to manufacturing the best-in-class stands and holders on a budget. By getting our OEM services, you’ll enjoy these fantastic benefits:

  • High-quality products made from quality parts
  • Quick turnaround on our mentioned deadline
  • Custom designed products for your new brand
  • Excellent support from project start to end

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Stands & Holder

Lamicall provides OEM & ODM manufacturing services for phone/tablet/laptop holders. We produce customized-Logo phone/tablet/laptop holders for customers ranging from distributors to Fortune 500 companies, Aiming to meet the demand from customers in different specific scenarios. Our strong manufacturing capabilities allow us to output a large volume of holders, fulfilling orders with short delivery times and complex technical specifications.


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