Custom Magnetic Phone Mount

Lamicall introduced a magnetic car phone mount in 2022 with six powerful magnets, a wider vent grip, and a 360° universal ball joint. These features can improve stability and adjustability and give users a great driving experience. The innovation has since been improved with so many product lines in the niche emerging.


Supply Car Phone Mount at Factory Pricing

Car Air Vent Phone Holder C2

Car Air Vent Phone Holder C2


iPad Holder for Car Headrest P


Magnetic Vent Car Phone Holder CV06


Gooseneck Cell Phone Holder GP03

Air Vent Car Phone Holder with Adjustable Clip CV01

Air Vent Phone Holder Adjustable Clip CV01


Gooseneck Cell Phone Holder GP03


Getting the Custom Magnetic Phone Mount With Customized Logo

Strong magnets enable magnetic phone holders to firmly hold a phone to function (with two thin rectangle metal plates). Lamicall has wider air vent grip and can fit snugly on vent blades without coming off, even when attached to bikes or a table or driving at high speeds on rocky roads.


Before this, clip gripping was the typical design for phone mounts, which is unquestionably a new trend in the market. We have incorporated this new magnetic system to bring technology closer to you. Our magnetic custom phone holders have a clip that makes sure phones fit snugly in air vents and hold the phone securely even on bumpy roads.



What gives most phone stand users a headache is an idea of having to focus on the stand before inserting their mobile device. With this cool custom magnetic phone mount, phones can be attached back to the holder without getting distracted by the retracting clips of stands.



In our pursuit of delivering optimum value without breaching our profit margins, magnetic phone stands have been securely designed to meet the pick and drop system. Phones can be attached back to the stand easily without using two hands. It is a completely hands-free mobile mount.



Lamicall has an unending flair for bringing great value to this table for all its users worldwide. This inventory has come to stay, although it can be greatly improved. One unique feature of this custom magnetic phone mount is that its magnetic feature is indelible.


Why Choose a Lamicall Custom Magnetic Phone Mounts?

Phone usage while driving has been described as one of the leading causes of accidents. Unfortunately, drivers with phone mounts still don’t utilize this tool well enough, and the complaint is that attaching phones back can be strenuous. With this custom magnetic phone mount by Lamicall, a hands-free experience is optimum.


For all our products and stands at Lamicall, we try as much to make them as lightweight and compact as possible. You can bank that this magnetic phone stand is built to fit even small terrains and is transportable.


Sturdiness is one of the core bases of what defines our production activities. Our custom phone mounts are built to last; they can be used for years and passed on to generations. They can withstand ash conditions. Also, they are non-rustic because of the aluminum used in the manufacturing process.


The magnetic phone mount designs from Lamicall Custom are practical and simple. In addition, the mounts from Lamicall are very comfortable to use. Our custom magnetic phone mount prevents back and neck pains because it is adjustable to an ergonomic position that brings ease.


Lamicall phone stands, even with just one hand, bring a safe driving experience. This holder's magnetic construction will grip the phone firmly and keep it from falling off while driving down a rocky road. Overall, you can strongly rely on how safe our products are for use!

We Provide Custom Magnetic Phone Mount

All 4.7- to 7-inch smartphones, including the iPhones, Google pixels among others, are compatible with Lamicall's magnetic phone cradle. In some models of this amazing mount design, metal plates are needed to hold the phone in place. It also has a great aesthetic feature that is lovable. You won’t regret as a business venturing into this model of phone mount, the money is worth the value!


The Lamicall custom magnetic phone mount is made with mobility in mind. It is perfect for traveling and can be folded and stored in the car's glove box when not in use. It can also be collapsed to save space.



    The top portion of our custom magnetic phone mount can be easily adjusted to the desired viewing angle for using the GPS while driving, thanks to the 360° universal ball design. You don’t have to worry about the height because it is completely adjustable to suit your view!


      The essence of magnetic clipping is to push for more convenient handsfree experiences. As we know, magnets only attract metals, you don’t have to worry if your phone is made of plastic or fibers. Small piece of metals comes along with the stand that can be attached to back of phones that aren’t originally metals.



        To improve its texture, stability, and flexibility, Lamicall upgraded the long gooseneck phone magnetic holder using a longer (98 cm) leather-wrapped arm and a more flexible 360 adjustable & rotatable ball joint phone clamp design, and a reinforced base. Many tasks are made significantly simpler by this item. Users can enjoy a satisfying hands-free experience by clamping their phones to our magnetic stand!

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          Customized Branded

          Magnetic Phone Mount

          Besides admiring the beauty of this design, Lamicall offers customized branding of this custom magnetic stand. Logos and other visual branding elements can be added to personalize it for official or personal use.

          Stands for Apple Products

          All iPhone models have been placed in perspective during the construction of iPhone mounts. Even an iPhone 13 mini would sit pretty well on this stand. Considering the large number of iPhones in the US, a free delivery package has been featured!

          This models have been exclusively designed for iPhone users:

          • Magnetic Car Phone Mount CV05
          • Adjustable Magsafe Charger iPhone Stand

          For Universal Brands

          Lamicall’s unique product also features other phone brands in the android category. Although brands like Samsung have distinct features in their product design, at Lamicall, there is something for everyone!

          Android users can scout for these models:

          • Magnetic Vent Car Phone Holder CV06
          • Magnetic Cell Phone Mount for Car C

          Flexible Logo Locations

          We are committed to delivering custom solutions in the phone, laptops, headsets, and tablet niche. We believe in giving our users the right to decide where they want their customization. Hence, we have flexible logo customization locations.

          ipad stand

          Top Back Surface Logo Customization

          What defines creativity for you? Some like their customization solution simple; here at Lamicall, we also believe in the idea that less is more. Simplicity is also described as the ultimate sophistication. You can have your logo or customization needs at this spot.

          Front Down Surface Logo Customization

          This option is rarely available for our current custom GPS mount designs, but it is extensively researched for our desk stands. Aside from having a car phone and tablet mount for navigation, desk stands are also necessary for use at home and in the office.

          Gadget Surface Logo Customization

          It is quite glamorous to have logo customization at this spot. The logo can only be spotted when the stand is not in use, but it is a great way to conceal beauty. This location truly speaks of class, but the choice is left for you to choose!

          How to Design Your Own Custom Magnetic Phone Mount in Lamicall

          Here at Lamicall, we are open to the opinions of our clients. How do you want your magnetic stand styled? Although our factory has a great team of designers and technicians that can offer unique designs, we prefer to blend ideas.

          Step 1: Tell Us Your Design Needs

          The process begins with our clients providing a detailed description of their custom requirements; this is well documented and forwarded to our team of expert designers. Our Custom Tablet Car Mount can be imprinted with any brand's logo, regardless of style.

          Step 3: Review Your Design

          We value our users' preferences and seek to satisfy them to the best of our abilities by delivering exceptional items while also meeting their business objectives. For that very same reason, we ensure that the designs are thoroughly critiqued until they meet our clients' expectations.

          Step 2: Get A Quote

          Lamicall's primary aim is to supply and meet your customization business requirements. A detailed price quotation is then provided based on the quantity ordered. In addition, we allow our customers to adaptively tweak their order quantity to meet their spending plan requests.

          Step 4: Approve Final Design Version

          Our clients are fully updated from inception to delivery. No manufacturing is carried out without the active inclusion of our clients. We are elegant, but we let our clients choose, though we may change based on our professionalism.


            How Lamicall Build a Custom Magnetic Phone Mount
            for Your Use

            Lamicall, as a constantly evolving B2B company, is on a mission to deliver massive innovations around gadget stands to meet people's daily needs. Our personalized magnetic holders are made of treated aluminum and are designed for communities of users who value solid, long-lasting, and portable accessories.

            Our creative and thorough production process involves the following:

            • Blanking & Stamping -  which consists in cutting a large piece of metals into usable chunks
            • Impact molding - using a molding machine to bend the flat metal sheet into the required form 
            • CNC Chamfering - removing sharp edges
            • Edge milling 
            • Surface treatment
            • Laser marking/ Silk screen printing
            • Assembling/ Stick - attaching the silicon sheet on product 
            • Packaging

            Lamicall, as a pace with the fast corporation, is on a goal of delivering incredible inventions around device stands to meet people's daily necessities. This custom magnetic stand is indeed revolutionary and game changing. It is a great player and a big boost to managing phone use! As a business venture, you can leverage on this new design for your business growth.

            3000 ㎡

            Total warehouse area

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