Custom iPad Stand

The Custom iPad stand for offices at Lamicall is specifically made for you. It allows changing usage positions at any given time. One can decide to raise it to an eye-level height. It is sturdy, offering the comfort of switching to a preferred angle or position when writing. With zero hassles, it is also lovely for note-taking during calls.


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Adjustable iPad Stand A1


iPad Holder for Car Headrest P


Ipad Swivel Stand DT03

iPad Pillow Stand PL02


Gooseneck iPad Floor Stand FT01


Getting an iPad Design with customized logo

Several advantages surround having a custom iPad stand. You don’t have to carry your iPad in hand while working, reading or watching videos. Importantly, this saves a lot of stress and keeps productivity goals intact.



The idea is new and uncommon. Imagine a rare design that comes with a customized iPad stand for use in the office and home. That feel surreal, right? It’s an opportunity to incorporate favorite designs inscribed on the iPad stands.



For those who have always dared to be unique, they love to get one of our customized stands. Nothing is impossible with a customized stand, as this sets them apart. Being unique is excellent in today’s world. Brands need to be identified and discovered. In the end, we all want to live without a duplicate.



Corporate brands and individuals having a logo on their iPad stand would be the most incredible thing ever. These stands are customized according to the client's requirements. They can however pick from the color, shape, design and material according to desires.



Designing and adding a logo to an iPad stand has to be creative, from the colors to the shapes and the design of the logo. This speaks much about our creative process. At Lamicall, we unleash the aesthetic side to the world through our iPad stand designs and top notch creativity.

Why Choose a Lamicall iPad Stands for Car Use?

At Lamicall, we have a catalog of sturdy, durable, portable and affordable iPad stands.

To get you started, below are the reasons you should contact your next customized stand from us. Our iPad stands are:


The portability of the Lamicall iPad stand allows users to carry it along with the iPad anywhere they go. Weighing to zero, it hardly takes up any space and can be folded as flat as possible.


Our iPad stands are not only portable or sturdy. We can also vouch for their durability. The same way many of our customers can. Our stands are used by people and professionals, bakers, chefs, writers, illustrators, and many other professions. It is worth buying whether for home or office use.


There are great benefits to the ergonomic iPad stand from Lamicall. It allows the iPad with its entire trackpad, cursor, and external keyboard support to be utilized to get your work going all day long. Make participating in Zoom Meetings comfortable while using an iPad as a second display using MacOS Sidecar. Our ergonomic iPad stand sorts it out without any bluff!


End users can bank on our iPad stand as they are reliable and safe. With a stand from Lamicall, iPad usage is in safe hands, and brings an assurance that the device will not slip off due to poor design. The device is safe against slight knocks, pushes, and shakes.

Custom Mounting iPad Options We Provide for Offices


We have inexpensive iPad stands that could hold up to just four by 3 inches. This makes it the perfect stand to take along anywhere without burden. It fits into bags or even in pockets. Lamicall continuous offering makes available, customized, sturdy, foldable iPad stands in various colors.



    We offer amazing and sleek custom car phone mounts that raises phone to an ergonomic height. This prevents our clients from straining their neck while driving or consequently looking down and up. It can be adjusted to meet the eye line to see everything on the phone screen and windscreen as well.


      Many phone stand users have clamoured that they don't enjoy the clipping system used for phone stands. With this new feature, they can try out the new Lamicall innovative technology of magnetic stands. This magnetic custom car phone mount creates a smooth, swift grab-and-drop experience.



        The gooseneck mount design is another quick and enjoyable experience. This eliminates the jiggle in your seat when driving. Lamicall gooseneck custom vehicle phone stands are designed to fit precisely into your air vent. It may also be adjusted comfortably for you without putting strain on your neck.

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          Customized Branded

          iPad Stands

          It is beneficial to have a personalized iPad stand for use in the office, bedroom, kitchen, living room, classroom, and so on. When cooking, it is much easier to view the recipes on the iPad and have more fun. It is safe and reasonable to request a customized branded iPad stand from Lamicall today for staff, friends, and family!

          Stands for Apple Products

          Regarding other brands solely on Android operating systems, their design may vary depending on the brand or manufacturer. Size may come into play, and the model is quite distinct and needs to be checked before jumping on a stand that would fit in.

          A few lists of such brands and possible stands that might fit in our products are: Samsung, Tecno, Huawei and Redmi. Other brands' designs would follow or align with our brand’s models.

          • Adjustable Tablet and Phone Stand S2
          • Adjustable Tablet Stand for Desk S
          • Foldable Tablet Stand DT02
          • 360 Degree Rotating Tablet Stand Holder DT01
          • Foldable Tablet Stand DT05
          • Gooseneck Tablet Holder LS02
          • Height Adjustable Tablet Tripod Stand FT03
          • Treadmill Tablet Holder BT0
          • Headrest Tablet Mount P3
          • Tablet Pillow Stand PL01
          • Tablet Pillow Holder PL03

          For Universal Brands

          In general terms, android and symbian products have similar and generic design systems that allow a wide range of predictability. From products like Samsung's, Tecno, Huawei etc,. 

          Here are a few designs that meet the needs of these generic brands:

          • Magnetic Vent Car Phone Holder CV06
          • Car Air Vent Phone Holder C2
          • Car Cup Holder Phone Mount CCH01
          • Dashboard Car Phone Holder Mount CD01

          Flexible logo Locations

          Our custom designs allow you to add your logo to your desired space on the finish. There are different options, screen printing or engraving.

          ipad stand

          Top Back Surface Logo Customization

          On the other hand, an excellent place to make your logo noticeable is to have it at the top suitable back surface of the stand. There is not much to say than having your logo here means you have more exposure and, in turn, creates brand awareness.

          Front Down Surface Logo Customization

          This is a prominent spot to have your logo during customization. Monogram logo designs will sit nicely at this location, and with Lamicall's custom engraving mechanism, you are assured of a smooth transition when you have your logo right on this spot.

          Gadget Surface Logo Customization

          For those who love discrete customization, you can have your logo in a concealed space like this. An excellent way to portray class is not revealing what you got, having your logo engraved or screen printed on the surface where your gadget sites can be beautiful. Many might undermine this, but less is truly more.


            How Lamicall Build a Custom iPad Mount
            for Your Use

            Lamicall has forged itself as a leading B2B brand operating with a global vision of meeting millions of users' needs as an OEM custom iPad manufacturer. We are most famous for using treated aluminum for our custom iPad stand. 

            The processes involved are:

            • Blanking & Stamping -  which consists in cutting a large piece of metals into usable chunks, 
            • Impact molding - using a molding machine to bend the flat metal sheet into the required form 
            • CNC Chamfering - removing sharp edges
            • Edge milling 
            • Surface treatment
            • Laser marking/ Silk screen printing
            • Assembling/ Stick - attaching the silicon sheet on product and 
            • Packaging

            We try as much as possible between all these procedures to consider what our clients need. At Lamicall, our users are the real superheroes!

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            Total warehouse area

            1200 +

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