Custom iPad Car Mount

At Lamicall, we offer one of the best and durable iPad car mounts. Our car mount accessories have been specifically designed with clients possible needs in mind, keeping iPads secured while on transit. Guess what? They are pocket friendly too.


Supply iPad Car Mount at Factory Pricing


Treadmill Tablet Holder BT01

tablet on car headrest

Lamicall Car Tablet Headrest Mount P2


iPad Holder for Car Headrest P


Getting the iPad car mounts with customized logo

The merit of having a customized logo inscribed on your iPad stands far surpass its demerits. For brands who love to take their visibility to another, these could be a great way to maximize the brand identity.



Our OEM and ODM solutions hold much quality at its peak. We like to make you and your purchased iPad car mount look different! You don’t have to purchase at high MOQ, this is our way of bringing inclusiveness into our value delivery.



The idea of a customized logo on an iPad car mount makes the users stand out among friends and family with the same device and it also makes them unique as well. A customized iPad car mount from Lamicall is designed for travel experience.



Quality iPad car mounts are handy tools that transform one’s driving experience. They offer animated entertainment, hands-free calls, and GPS trackings. Oftentimes it feels great to have a custom design that meets our specifications along with a brand logo, it feels cool to enjoy its uniqueness.



We all crave to put our inner creative abilities into play, a customized iPad car mount from us has been creatively designed to meet global demand. From the choice of colors, to the chosen designs and shapes, we value aesthetics so abilities are revealed.

Why Choose a Lamicall Custom iPad Car Mount?

There are numerous reasons that would make you go for our custom iPad car mount. These unique features and properties have been carefully put in place to bring amazing experiences to the way of our clients.


Upon looking for the best iPad car mounts that suit your business, portability is one attribute to watch out for. At Lamicall, we provide custom iPad car mounts that are easily moved, transportable, and mobile. No excesses. This is why you should get your next car mount from us.


Lamicall offers the best user-friendly alternatives available. Our custom iPad car mount designs are convenient and easy to use. They are manufactured to provide support and sturdiness even at amazingly affordable low price tags.


At Lamicall, our products speak of durability. They are made from the most quality, solid, metal-plastic materials you can think of. Our custom iPad car mounts are strong, able to withstand wear, pressure, or damage. Moreso, they are sturdy as they can also handle turbulence that comes with driving on rough roads.


Lamicall produces quality iPad car mounts. Users do not have to risk the dangerous habit of struggling to handle their iPad or tablet single-handedly while driving. With an iPad car mount fixed in the car, making or receiving calls is made easy and safe. The devices are safely protected against any turns, bumps or scratches on the road while on transit.

Custom iPad Mount We Provide for Cars

Ultra modernly designed iPad requires much technicality. Here at Lamicall, we bring the future your ways by creatively incorporating unique features on our stands. Enjoy these amazing custom iPad mounts that are:


The Lamicall custom iPad car mount is unique. When not in use could be folded. It is well designed to fit traveling purposes. It can be kept in bags without taking much space as well.




    Lamicall provides iPad mounts that are easily adjustable to various favorite positions and this lets users focus more on driving while using their iPad. For truck and taxi drivers who use mobile apps to navigate while driving, the seat bolt mount could be the best way to keep their iPad in sight while staying focused.


      We have also got a list of iPad car mounts that have magnetic features. When the iPad mount is connected to the MagConnect, the strong magnet on the holder quickly interlocks, and the mount can be tightened to fit better.



        In terms of user-friendliness and viewing angles, we also offer custom iPad mounts with Gooseneck designs. While driving, the passengers can decide to bend the Gooseneck to face the iPad in any direction. As bendable and flexible this may seem, the device is assured to be safe, devoid of the risk of falling off.

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          Customized Branded

          iPad Car Mounts

          It is of great benefit to have a personalized iPad stand for use in the car while driving. Venturing in this business is reasonable to deal in our customized branded iPad car phone mount, as it has proven to be of great value over the years.

          Stands for Apple Products

          Apple devices are exceptional, and as such, they should be complemented with beautiful fixture designs. Lamicall's products offer landscape and portrait views, are compatible with multiview situations, and are stable.

          The custom iPad car mount model that you can pick from us is:

          • iPad Holder for Car Headrest P

          For Universal Brands

          Other brands based purely on Android operating systems may differ in design depending on the brand or manufacturer. Size may be an issue, and the model is unique and should be double-checked before leaping on a stand that will fit in.

          Samsung, Tecno, Huawei, and Redmi are a few examples of such brands and possible stands that may fit in our goods. The designs of other brands would follow or align with our brand's models. There are currently two designs that fit in:

          • Lamicall Car Tablet Headrest Mount P2
          • Headrest Tablet Mount P3

          Flexible Logo Locations

          Thanks to our unique designs, your brand or personal logo may be added to any desired location on the finish. There are several alternatives, including engraving or screen printing.

          ipad stand

          Top Back Surface Logo Customization

          On the other hand, placing your logo at the top appropriate rear surface of the stand is a great way to make it prominent. There isn't much to say other than the presence of your logo here increases brand recognition and gives you greater exposure. Either way, our logo customization strategy gives aesthetics to these designs.

          Front Down Surface Logo Customization

          Suppose you desire to have your logo prominently during customizing. Monogram logo designs will look great here, and thanks to Lamicall's unique engraving system, you can be confident that the transition will be accessible when your logo is placed here.

          Gadget Surface Logo Customization

          If you enjoy subtle personalization, you may place your logo in a covert location like this. Not showing off while having your logo etched or screen printed on the surface where your gadget sites can be lovely and an excellent method to project class. Although many people would disagree, less really is more.


            How Lamicall Build a Custom iPad Car
            Mount for Your Usese

            As an OEM custom iPad car mount maker, Lamicall has established itself as a top B2B company with a mission to serve the demands of millions of users. Our handmade iPad car stand, which we are most well-known for, is made from treated aluminum.

            The processes involved are:

            • Blanking & Stamping - which consists in cutting a large piece of metals into usable chunks
            • Impact molding - using a molding machine to bend the flat metal sheet into the required form
            • CNC Chamfering - removing sharp edges
            • Edge milling
            • Surface treatment
            • Laser marking/ Silk screen printing
            • Assembling/ Stick - attaching the silicon sheet on product
            • Packaging

            Between all these steps, we try to keep our clients' needs in mind. The actual superheroes here at Lamicall are our users!

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            Total warehouse area

            1200 +

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              Why Lamicall iPad Mounts for Workplace


              While we aim to provide absolute convenience to our consumers, we also consider the safety of their devices. With this in mind, our team designed our Lamicall iPad mounts to have anti-slip and anti-skid features, among other security attributes. With our products, they can enjoy guaranteed productivity without hassle.

              Precise fit

              Lamicall is a leading brand for a reason. We understand that tablets and iPads come in varying sizes, so we made sure to diversify our product range. By having adjustable designs as well as universal features, people can use our tablet stands without scruffles, regardless of the brand of their devices.

              Built to last

              Quality is the priority. Having patented more than one hundred thirty product designs since our establishment, it goes to show our dedicated effort in bettering the products that we supply to the market. Our experts employ advanced techniques to convert top-quality materials into highly functional tablet mounts.