Custom Car Phone Mount Made to Meet Your Mobility Need

Driving and texting have been a leading cause of accidents over the years, but with Lamicall’s custom car phone mount, drivers don’t have to be distracted while using their mobile phones in motion.

Our custom car phone mount allows users to stay phone while still attending to critical needs on their phone. You can decide to raise it to an eye-level height same as the windscreen. It is sturdy, offering users the comfort of switching to their preferred angle or driving position. It is also lovely for GPS, video calls and messaging with zero hassles.


Supply Car Phone Mount at Factory Pricing


Car Air Vent Phone Holder C2


iPad Holder for Car Headrest P


Magnetic Vent Car Phone Holder CV06


Gooseneck Cell Phone Holder GP03


Air Vent Phone Holder Adjustable Clip CV01


Gooseneck Cell Phone Holder GP03


Getting a Car phone mount design with customized logo

There are various benefits to having a personalized vehicle phone mount. We do not need to hold our phones while driving. Importantly, this saves a lot of stress while still allowing access for productivity objectives.



The concept is very novel and unusual. Enjoy the limitless possibilities of this stunning idea, users might be wary of the unnecessary stress of holding your phone while driving but Lamicall innovation will help them conquer the narrative. It's also a great chance to get your favorite designs engraved on the mount.



Why replicate ideas that have trended over the years, isn’t it better to rather improve on them? Our custom car phones are seamlessly unique and considered one in town. For those who so crave to stand out with all they have, then Lamicall got everyone’s covered with its custom design program.



The most fantastic thing ever would be a custom logo on a car phone mount and that is tailored to clients specifications. They may customize the color, shape, pattern, and material to their liking. It feels cool and safe to have this set up in the car.



Designing a logo for a car phone mount requires creativity, from the color palette to the geometric forms and logo design. This speaks a lot about our creative process, letting the world see the artistic side through our unique car phone stand.

Why Choose a Lamicall Phone Stand for Car Use?

Lamicall offers a variety of car phone mounts that are strong, lasting, portable, and relatively inexpensive. To get you started, here are some of the reasons why we can help global brands and distributors achieve their objectives, hence we can be contacted for amazing custom phone stands. 


The Lamicall car phone stand's mobility allows clients to hang a phone in a stable position, whether driving or traveling long distances. It weighs next to nothing, takes up little space in the car, and can be folded as flat as possible.


Our custom phone mounts are not just lightweight and durable. We can attest to their long-term durability. In the same manner that many of our clients can. People and professionals such as delivery agencies and taxi drivers use our stands. Your car's model should not be an issue; we have them in store and they are worth purchasing.


Lamicall’s custom car phone mount has been designed to meet standard ergonomics expectations; it can be utilized in work practices all day long. With this unique product, users can even participate in comfortable Zoom Meetings while driving without getting noticed.


There is no better way to keep a phone secure in the car than with our bespoke car phone mount. A phone is safe with a Lamicall stand, and users can be confident that it will not fall off due to bad design. The gadget is impervious to minor bumps, pushes, and vibrations.

Custom Phone Mount Options We Provide for Your Car


We have low-cost phone supports that can hold phones up to 4 by 3 inches in size. This makes it the ideal stand for taking a phone with our stand anywhere during a trip. It is designed to fit into car vents or dashboards. Our accessible, personalized, durable, and foldable vehicle phone supports come in various colors.



    We offer amazing and sleek custom car phone mounts that raises phone to an ergonomic height. This prevents our clients from straining their neck while driving or consequently looking down and up. It can be adjusted to meet the eye line to see everything on the phone screen and windscreen as well.


      Many phone stand users have clamoured that they don't enjoy the clipping system used for phone stands. With this new feature, they can try out the new Lamicall innovative technology of magnetic stands. This magnetic custom car phone mount creates a smooth, swift grab-and-drop experience.



        The gooseneck mount design is another quick and enjoyable experience. This eliminates the jiggle in your seat when driving. Lamicall gooseneck custom vehicle phone stands are designed to fit precisely into your air vent. It may also be adjusted comfortably for you without putting strain on your neck.

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          Customized Branded

          Car Phone Mount

          As humans with continuous cravings and desire for new experiences, we might want to stand by having a simple accessory customized to our names or brand logo. Customization is not faux; it, in turn, gives a sense of belonging if you own a gadget to your name.

          For Apple Products

          Apple’s unique designs give a dedicated and exclusive creative approach for its car phone mount design execution. The location of the headset jack and type of charging ports allows for this flexibility. Our custom car phone mount has been exclusively designed to meet this need. 

          These are a few unique car phone mount modelsdesigned to match iPhone uniqueness.

          • Air Vent Phone Holder with Adjustable Clip CV01
          • Magnetic Cell Phone Mount for Car C
          • Car Cup Holder Phone Mount CCH02
          • Dashboard Car Phone Holder Mount CD02

          For Universal Brands

          In general terms, android and symbian products have similar and generic design systems that allow a wide range of predictability. From products like Samsung's, Tecno, Huawei etc,. 

          Here are a few designs that meet the needs of these generic brands:

          • Magnetic Vent Car Phone Holder CV06
          • Car Air Vent Phone Holder C2
          • Car Cup Holder Phone Mount CCH01
          • Dashboard Car Phone Holder Mount CD01

          Flexible logo Locations

          Our unique designs allow you to include your brand in the desired location on the finish. There are two choices: screen printing or engraving.

          ipad stand

          Top Back Surface Logo Customization

          On the other side, an excellent position to place your logo is at the top suitable rear surface of the stand. There isn't much more to say than having your logo here implies you'll get greater exposure, which will increase brand recognition.

          Front Down Surface Logo Customization

          During customizing, this is a highly prominent location for your logo. Monogram logo designs will look great here, and with the Lamicall custom engraving method, you can be confident of a seamless transition when you have your logo right here.

          Gadget Surface Logo Customization

          You may have your logo in a hidden spot like this if you like discreet personalization. Having your brand etched or screen printed on the surface where your gadget sites might be lovely is a terrific communication method. Many may disagree, but less is more.


          How Lamicall Build aPhone Mount
          for Your Car Use

          Lamicall has established itself as a significant B2B brand with a worldwide aim of addressing the demands of millions of customers as an OEM bespoke phone stand manufacturer. We are most well-known for using treated aluminum in our handmade stands.

          • Blanking and stamping involve cutting large pieces of metal into usable chunks. 
          • We use a molding machine to bend the flat metal sheet into the required form.
          • CNC Chamfering to remove sharp edges. 
          • Edge milling
          • Surface treatment
          • Laser marking/ Silk screen printing 
          • Assembling/sticking the silicon sheet on product 
          • Packaging

          Between all these steps, we attempt to be as mindful of our client's needs as possible. Our users are the true superheroes at Lamicall!

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