Custom Apple Watch Stand

Purchasing a smartwatch will undoubtedly need to find a creative way to store it. A dedicated Apple watch charging stand is a must-have frill because it not only stores and charges an Apple Watch but also adds a design style to a workspace or end table. A venture into this niche would be highly profitable due to the increasing adoption of Apple watches.


Supply Apple Watch Stand at Factory Pricing


Apple Watch and Phone Charger Stand 2 in 1 WS01


Apple Watch Charging Stand WS02


Portable 2 in 1 IPhone and Watch Charging Station Stand DW02


Getting the Custom Apple Watch Stand With Customized Logo

With Lamicall's custom Apple watch stand, storing an Apple Watch in a specific location sounds like a better idea. A Lamicall iWatch stand is critical for keeping the Apple watch at a consistent pace. It helps keep the table neat while charging the Apple Watch as it is raised on a high-quality stand.


The iWatch charger matches beautifully in the Lamicall Smartwatch mount. Owners can quickly charge their iWatch by placing it on the stand to begin charging once it has been configured properly. Lamicall Apple watch stands can help organize these belongings. It has a cable management clip with a distinctive design that keeps the charging cable neatly organized.



We have taken our innovative game to another era where this custom Apple watch stand doesn’t just serve storage purposes alone but can be a great tool for charging the device. So it is indeed sweet to have this watch mount.



Lamicall's distinctive custom Apple watch stand is a complete package and definition of awesomeness. Nothing beats the flexibility of having a well-designed and structured Apple watch stand that can comfortably sit anywhere in the house. 



Apple watch owners and enthusiasts can now move on from just placing their iWatch on a platform when they are about to sleep. Instead, with much more creative inclusiveness, Lamicall has identified the need to own a custom Apple watch stand and prefers a detailed solution to meet the need!


Why Choose a Lamicall Custom Apple Watch Stands?

Our foremost design features four rubber cushions at the bottom of the stand, preventing it from slipping or tipping over. The smartwatch charger will also be held in place by a rubber ring at the top of the Apple Watch stand, preventing it from slipping. Potential scratches that could damage the Apple watch can be avoided by placing an iWatch on the Lamicall iWatch stand.


At Lamicall, we provide a 2-in-1 iWatch + iPhone stand that is useful on the go and a small Apple watch stand that can be transported while traveling. Our Smart watch stand is specially designed to fit in confined spaces for mobility.


Our custom Apple watch holder is made of solid, high-quality metal, and plastic components. Lamicall products are incredibly durable because we use aluminum in our manufacturing process. After all, it is non-rustic and has high tensile strength. In addition, our specialized watch mount is durable and won't flake off or break easily.


Our unique Smart watch stands designs are easy to use and practical. They are designed to offer stability and support at a very affordable price. The mounts from Lamicall are very comfortable to use. Furthermore, these tabletop Apple watch stands were made with excellent ergonomics and comfort.


Lamicall is a company that makes high-quality Apple watch mounts. Our iWatch mount protects the watch from unnecessary scratches, wears, and misplacement. It doesn’t hurt to have this tabletop stand near the bed, it can also equally fit into workspaces.

We Provide Custom Apple Watch Stand

Here at Lamicall, our goal is simple; to provide top-notch stands for gadget users at friendly rates. This stand is compatible with various Apple Watch Series, able to be charged with a cable. You are assured of value irrespective of the series you have!


The Lamicall custom Apple watch mount is made with mobility in mind. It is perfect for traveling, and can be folded and stored in the car's glove box when not in use. It can also be collapsed to save space.



    The design by Lamicall is moral, long-lasting, inventive, and standardized. We confirm that our specialized Apple watch stands are angle-adjustable and made to attach to any workstation easily.


      Because Apple Watches are built with magnetic charging capabilities, our custom Apple watch stand includes a magnetic component. The iWatch is more securely fastened, thanks to this magnetic feature, making charging simple without impairing its functionality.



        Lamicall's top-notch, personalized Apple watch mounts are constructed of aluminum and plastic. As a result, both falls and shakes won't damage them. It can be adjusted to the ideal position for any person if installed correctly and following our instructions.

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          Customized Branded

          Apple Watch Stand

          Year in year out, Apple Inc are known for their unending release of series for each of their products. Lamicall is as well relentless in their top tier custom solution delivery commitment. As new versions of smartwatches are been unveiled, we upgrade our stands to meet up the standards.

          Stands for Apple Products

          This classy gadget stand is known for its varied performance and functionality. With our custom Apple watch mount, there are a lot of creative and amazing experiences that can be gotten. It is more suitable as creatives or CEOs to have this in their home office spaces.

          Here are models that can be explored irrespective of the watch standard:

          • Apple Watch Charging Stand WS02
          • Apple Watch Charging Stand WS02

          For Universal Brands

          Other brands are as well taking advantage of this market niche to produce fitness and smartwatches for their users. With our custom designs irrespective of the size, weight, and design, it is prompt, user-friendly, easy to mount, and doesn’t leave a mark on the tablet after use.

          Here is an example of smartwatch stand that can be used for other varieties:

          • Portable 2 in 1 IPhone and Watch Charging Station Stand DW02

          Flexible Logo Locations

          Customization is not a made-up concept. It was put into place in order to promote market presence and be inclusionary. An Apple watch mount can be made more distinctive without feeling out of place by adding a brand logo to it. The brand logo can be engraved or screen printed on it, and our customers can count on receiving high-quality goods.

          ipad stand

          Top Back Surface Logo Customization

          Simple logos work well for this advertisement. The simplicity of this place is that the logo can be very small, unless falsification is required. However, everyone can see the customized items at this location. You can look into this choice for your personalized vehicle phone mount right away if you want to! Sometimes it feels good to stand out.

          Front Down Surface Logo Customization

          This option is highly appreciated in most of the current designs of our custom Apple watch mount designs, and it is widely explored because of its convenience. The elegance of this customization doesn’t affect the functionality of this stand. It works well with both customization processes!

          Gadget Surface Logo Customization

          In our product lines, this is the area where logo customization is most frequently explored. It is ideal for needs requiring high levels of customization without jeopardizing the product's design. The mount's functionality is unaffected by the brand's logo.

          How to Design Your Own Custom Vehicle Phone Mounts in Lamicall

          The hallmark of our customization process is attention to detail. At Lamicall, we ensure everything is in working order to satisfy our customers' needs for customization. In addition, we adhere to the following procedures for quality assurance as part of our commitment to offering a B2B relationship that is valued-driven:

          Step 1: Tell Us Your Design Needs

          The process starts with a thorough description of a client's custom need, which is well documented and sent to our team of knowledgeable designers. Then, no matter the logo's style, it can be imprinted on our custom vehicle phone mount.

          Step 3: Review Your Design

          We esteem our users' tastes and strive to meet their needs by offering high-quality products that help them accomplish their professional goals. For the same reason, we ensure that the designs are carefully examined until they complement our customers' preferences.

          Step 2: Get A Quote

          Serving and meeting your business needs for customization is Lamicall's top priority. Based on the quantity ordered, a detailed price quotation is then provided. We give our customers the flexibility to modify their MOQ to meet their varying financial demands.

          Step 4: Approve Final Design Version

          With us, customers are kept informed all through the overall process. No production is carried out without our customers' full participation. Although we are a team of experts, we let our clients decide while we may make adjustments based on professionalism.


            How Lamicall Build a Custom Vehicle Phone Mounts
            for Your Use

            As a constantly evolving company, Lamicall is committed to providing significant innovations in gadget stands to meet people's needs daily. Additionally, as a top B2B and B2C business, we are passionate about meeting the needs of millions of customers. Our custom Apple watch stands are made of treated aluminum and target user communities who value durable, portable accessories.

            In our value delivering system, here is how we go about our manufacturing processes in details:

            • Blanking & Stamping -  which consists in cutting a large piece of metals into usable chunks
            • Impact molding - using a molding machine to bend the flat metal sheet into the required form 
            • CNC Chamfering - removing sharp edges
            • Edge milling 
            • Surface treatment
            • Laser marking/ Silk screen printing
            • Assembling/ Stick - attaching the silicon sheet on product 
            • Packaging

            We firmly believe that customer feedback is important. Everyone is important because we rely on sample ideas from our communities in addition to our team of experts to meet everyone's customization needs. The goal is to serve to the best of our ability, providing quality custom solutions at affordable rates.

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