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The bike phone mounts market is rising as more riders rely on smartphone apps for navigation, music listening, and social media. Grasp your market share by supplying Lamicall's high-quality bike mount stands today.

Phone Bike Mounts

Here we list some popular Bike phone Stands for you to choose from. If you have any products you are interested in, you can feel free to contact us for an inquiry. If you don't find a suitable product, you can also contact us and tell us your needs.

    Bike Phone Handlebar Mount BM02

    Motorcycle & Bike Phone Mount BP03

    Bike Phone Holder Mount BP05

    Motorcycle Handlebar Phone Mount BP07

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    Your Reliable Bike Mount Stand

    Through our research, we understand that securing a phone on a bike or motorcycle requires device mounts made of sturdy and reliable materials. Lamicall produces a vast portfolio of bike phone mounts crafted from premium aluminum alloys, silicone, tough plastics, and more.

    With the safety and usability of our consumers’ devices in mind, our experts crafted various types of handlebar mounts featuring anti-slip and anti-scratch parts. Work with Lamicall today to get your supply of top-grade bike phone mounts.

    Why Choose Lamicall Bike Mount Stands


    Lamicall’s experts designed our bike phone mounts to be capable of attaching to any type of bike and motorcycle, catering to a wide range of handlebar diameter sizes.


    Easy access to one’s phone screen is valued by most bikers, especially when using navigation applications. By being adjustable and rotatable, Lamicall bike phone mounts excel in this part.

    Simple but classic

    We value the concept of being widely compatible appearance-wise with any bike. Our bike phone mounts go for a simple finish, featuring a classic and minimalist design.


    The shock produced when biking can pose significant damage to one’s phone and mount. We design our products to be very durable, pursuing safety and security at all times.


    Considering that a lot of riders go for off-road trips, our experts produce our bike mount stands using premium materials to ensure that they can withstand rugged rides.


    Aside from being multifunctional, the bike phone mounts that we manufacture can cater to a wide array of phone models, varying in terms of size and thickness.


    Take a Glance at the Best-in-Class Bike Mount Stand
    Factory in China

    Lamicall took a long journey to be the best bike mount stand manufacturer on the market. With more than a decade of development, we can stand tall at the top by providing our clients with products of certified quality. We employ experts and use strict regulations in manufacturing our bike phone mounts.

    Our team has patented more than a hundred designs, and we are still progressing towards a more diversified portfolio. With integrity as a priority, the Lamicall brand has captured a consumer base made of more than ten million people. We only produce exceptional bike phone mounts at Lamicall. Get in touch with us today!

    3000 ㎡

    Total warehouse area

    1200 +

    Finished Jobs

    Get Your Custom Bike Mount Stands Easy & Fast

    Step 1: Consultation

    Reach out to us through our contact details if you want to make an inquiry. Our professional staff at Lamicall will gladly discuss with you about what you need to know.

    Step 4: Sampling

    If you are satisfied with the deal, a few samples of your custom bike mount stand will be provided to you for checking and adjustments.

    Step 2: Design

    Lamicall offers a broad portfolio of bike mount stand designs you can choose from. Talk to us about your custom design requirements, and we’ll do our best to cater to your needs.

    Step 5: Manufacturing

    Lamicall will manufacture your order on a large scale, producing them using our advanced processing techniques. Quality assurance checks will also be conducted to ensure their quality.

    Step 3: Quote

    Once your design is settled, our staff will give you a free quote on the expenses and payments you need to make for your order.

    Step 6: Delivery

    Once everything is settled, our efficient personnel will pack and ship your order to your provided address. Keep in touch with us for more partnerships and after-sales services.

      Lean Bike Mount Stand Manufacturing for Certified Quality

      Lean Bike Mount Stand Production

      At Lamicall, we focus on cooperation, trust, and concentration. Our personnel does their best to provide value to our clients, striving to bring them cost-effective and valuable deals. We create a smooth flow in manufacturing our bike mount stands with streamlined processes and optimized operations. Reduce waste, maximize value — that’s what we do.


      Superb Quality

      With extensive experience and research in our trade, we explore the usage of various materials in our products. By employing a combination of high-quality alloys, plastics, and silicone, we can provide you with durable and multifunctional bike mount stands. Lamicall values your trust, evident with the device mounts that we produce.


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