Magnetic Phone Mounts and Holders are Safe to Use (Solved)

Magnetic mounts and holders are becoming popular today, and people are concerned about the safety of their phones. We share your concerns and are here to help solve the puzzle that magnetic phone/car mounts won’t damage your phone.

Car Phone mount image
Car Phone mount image

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What Do Magnets Do to Electronics

Strong electromagnetic waves can damage specific electronic devices, such as magnet I.D. cards, credit cards, cassettes, videotapes, etc. They can also affect computer monitors and T.V.s.
In the past, it was advised to keep electronic devices, credit cards, smartphones, etc., away from magnets. But today, it’s a different ball game due to technological advancement. The truth is that magnets won’t damage your phone. Everyday consumer magnets are safe for smartphones and cause no significant damage to the device.

For instance, magnets on your phone make it easy to use on a magnetic phone mount. Your phone can be placed on a magnetic phone mount in the car while you navigate your way, which is also helpful at the gym.

Do Cell Phones Have Magnets in Them?

Smartphones can have about 14 small internal magnets. These magnets are found in the vibration mode motor, speaker, camera auto-focus mechanism, speaker, receiver, etc., and play functional roles.

In fact, with the way memory is stored in your smartphone, there isn’t any chance of losing your email, contacts, etc., to the magnets. In addition, most smartphone screens use liquid crystal display (LCD) or active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) technology that is controlled by electricity but never affected by magnets.

What happens if you put a magnet on your phone

Putting a magnet on your phone may magnetize some steel inside your phone. This reaction could affect your phone’s compass. A compass is a magnetic sensor in which the location and movement of a magnetic field can affect the compass.

When your phone compass is affected, it could affect some application usage on your phone. For instance, Google Maps, which determines your location, could become nearly impossible to use when your phone compass is corrupt. Game apps and others also rely on the compass reading of your phone.

This process can be tested by placing the phone on a magnetic mount and trying to make a call or find directions using GPS. It’s observed that though the compass was slightly affected, the phone still worked as usual.

Magnet for Phone

Magnet on Electric Compass

Cell phones and accessories are safe from being damaged by magnets because cell phones themselves are designed with magnets. Also, data storage in phones uses solid-state drives or flash memory. These drives or memory have no moving parts in them, and therefore, cell phones are immune to magnets.

However, stronger magnets can affect the internal magnetic sensors inside a cell phone and magnetize some steel inside your smartphone. This, in turn, could corrupt your phone’s compass, making it difficult to use other apps.

Magnet on GPS

It’s interesting to note that a GPS tool on your cell phone works independently from the electric compass. All Global Positioning Systems (GPS) are satellite-based and do not rely on geomagnetic forces. The GPS determines how long it takes to receive signals to triangulate its position, speed, and direction.

This explains why GPSs are known for being accurate in reporting distance a few meters ahead and why their activities cannot be affected by magnetic fields between the satellite and your receiver.

Magnet on NFC Technology

Near-Field Communication (NFC) is a technological innovation that allows phones and other mobile devices in close proximity, usually a few centimeters, to instantly transfer some amounts of data using short wavelengths that are harder to eavesdrop on. This technology does not depend on magnets but uses radio frequency waves like calls. For instance, Google Wallet and Apple Pay use NFC to allow customers to instantly interact with their bank account information, make payments for goods or services, and make a transfer.

Are Magnets Bad for Phones?

The effects of magnets on phones are consequential. Afterall, phones have internal magnets that perform different functions. Our household magnets are made for phones, but stronger magnets are most likely to affect the phone’s compass.

Can a Magnet Erase a Hard Drive?

Before now, people tended to worry about losing information/data on their mobile devices. Contact, emails, and images were unsafe beside a magnet because hard disk drives within the devices contain some magnetic particles that could be read as data while the disk spun, making it easy for the magnet to erase data on the hard drive.

Although neodymium magnets are capable of erasing data because of the strong magnetic fields, they produce. But today, smartphones have storage clips for memory instead of hard disk drives.

Can Magnet Damage Phone Battery?

The batteries present in most smartphones are usually Lithium-ion batteries where charging is a result of chemical reactions. Therefore, these batteries are never affected by household magnets. Although, a strong magnetic field can make the battery work a little harder than usual to discharge the correct voltage, causing the battery to wear out faster. However, even a strong horseshoe magnet isn’t capable of draining or damaging a phone battery.

Can Magnet Damage Phone Screen?

As with old gadgets and mobile devices, screens were made of cathode-ray tube (CRT) technology. CRT screens transmit light and color so that magnetic fields easily interfere with phone screens, causing a rainbow coloration on the screen.

All thanks to modern technology, smartphones are now being replaced with LCD or OLED screens that cannot be affected by magnets. However, bringing a phone screen between the path of two neodymium magnets could damage the screen because of the attractive waves.

Are Purse Magnets Bad for Phones?

No, purse magnets will not mess up or ruin your phone. Modern devices contain solid-state drives that do not store data magnetically, making it safe for phones to come close to a magnet.
But if you place your phone close to a strong magnetic field, the data could be erased, the screen broken, leaving the pixel green or dead.

Can a Magnet Damage a Laptop?

Can a magnet damage your laptop? The answer is almost “no.” Technically, a magnet cannot damage your computer. Especially an average magnet found in the home and offices, they do not harm when placed beside laptops. However, a potent magnet can damage the hard disk of your laptop. A magnetic field strength of 20 to 200 mT can temporarily cause your hard disk to malfunction.

In that case, it’s recommended to use a laptop/tablet stand to mount your laptop. These stands are built with magnetic substances that pose no threat to your computer’s hard drive.

Are Phones Magnetic

We’ve already established that most smartphones have several tiny magnets, making them magnetic. However, the impact of magnets on cell phones lies in how you use them and what you need them to do. Although high-strength magnets won’t destroy your phones, it is still possible that they can disrupt the internal compass of your cell phone, making some apps challenging to use.

Why Phone Can Be Magnetic

Neodymium (NdFeB) magnets are located within every smartphone. These magnets are tiny and invisibly attached to the phone case to perform critical functions on the phone.
The question now is, ‘can neodymium magnets damage cell phones?’ The truth is that magnets cannot damage your speaker or wipe out the data on your phone memory.
The only threat it poses to your smartphone is when you bring your cell phone’s screen in the path of two neodymium magnets. The magnet has strong force fields that can damage its screen.

Are Magnetic Phone Mounts Safe?

The concern is ‘Are Magnetic phone mounts safe for phones?’ The truth is a magnetic phone mount doesn’t damage phones. This is because magnetic phone holders are made of neodymium magnets, making them easy and convenient to use. Because phones have internal magnets, magnetic fields never alter their functioning. Screens use electricity to form images and interact.

Are Magnetic Car Phone Holders Safe For Your Phone?

There isn’t anything to worry about because only strong magnets affect your smartphone. And this can only happen when you continuously expose your phone’s compass or receive calls (for a long time) in front of a strong magnet before your phone can be affected.
In the same way, magnetic car holders do not affect your phone battery. Smartphone batteries are made of lithium, an alkali metal, and they aren’t affected by magnetic charges.

Magnetic Car Mounts

We rely on magnets because some things won’t work without a magnet. And magnetic phone car mounts are one such device. Magnetic car mounts have magnets that won’t damage the circuit or functionality of your phone.

It’s necessary that you have a magnetic car mount for your phone to guarantee the safety of your phone in any road conditions and for fast charging. Magnetic vent car phone holder CVo6 is a product by Lamicall. The mount has a broader vent grip and a 360-degree universal ball joint, providing enhanced stability and adjustability while having an excellent driving experience.

Using a magnetic mounting for your smartphones is advantageous because they’re strong and hold the phone firmly in place. This device can be attached to your car air vent securely. Some magnetic mounting comes with related components like;

  • 4 super-high powered magnets to attract any phone
  • Durable structure made of aluminum alloy.
  • Supporting designs to keep car holders fixed on the air vent and reduce the stress of the vent, holding it firmly in place.
  • 360-degree rotation to give the best visibility from any angle.


The bottom line is that technological advancement understands the importance of smartphones and won’t want anything to tamper with their functionality. That is why the best phones and accessories are designed to meet users’ needs and protect them from damage. Magnetic phone mounts are equally created, so they do not interfere with your phone. Trust this has been able to solve the puzzle.

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