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With the advent of smartwatches, a perfect complement to one’s mobile phone, the market for watch stands is also seeing growth. If you’re starting a business in this aspect, Lamicall would be your best watch stand supplier.

Apple Watch Stands

Here we list some popular Apple Watch Stands for you to choose from. If you have any products you are interested in, you can feel free to contact us for an inquiry. If you don't find a suitable product, you can also contact us and tell us your needs.

    Apple Watch and Phone Charger Stand 2 in 1 WS01

    Apple Watch Charging Stand WS02

    Portable 2 in 1 IPhone and Watch Charging Station Stand DW02

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    Your Reliable Watch Stands

    Based on what we have analyzed for years, putting one’s smartwatch in one place makes up for its safety and easy access. Our experts at Lamicall developed ergonomically beneficial watch stands made of metal and silicone with this in mind.

    We manufacture multifunctional watch stands that can be used for charging devices and securing them in place, combining the technologies and designs we have patented for years. Lamicall can provide you with a wide array of watch stand designs, so work with us today.

    Why Choose Lamicall Watch Stands


    End-users can use our watch stands for various purposes, whether to simply mount their devices in one place or use them with their charging accessories.


    The watch stands that we produce feature a tilt that makes up for easy viewing of one’s devices’ screens. With the right angle, our users can get various ergonomic benefits.

    Simple but classic

    With a simple appearance design, Lamicall watch stands can be used in virtually any space. Classic never goes out of style, and can aesthetically fit in anywhere they’re placed.


    The formulas and technologies we use are our fifteen years’ worth of research and development. With advanced processing and rigorous tests, Lamicall ensures that our products are tough and durable.


    We design our products with toughness and safety as the priority. Our watch stands are crafted using metals and silicone of superior quality, processed using advanced techniques.


    Our products are designed to maximize the value we can provide to our consumers. Combining the principles of phone holders and watch mounts, we make our items suitable for many purposes.


    Take a Glance at the Best-in-Class Watch Stands
    Factory in China

    It took us a short fifteen years to emerge as the top brand of device holders all over the world, and that’s all thanks to the genius of our expert designers at Lamicall. We also proudly inform you that we have patented more than 136 designs and still developing to cater to our consumers' needs better.

    At Lamicall, we only manufacture electronic device holders of top quality. Doing so led us to have a consumer base of 10 million people, dominating markets in more than eighty countries. We employ advanced manufacturing techniques and systems compliant with international standards. Connect with Lamicall today to source the best watch stands you can sell.

    3000 ㎡

    Total warehouse area

    1200 +

    Finished Jobs

    Get Your Custom Watch Stands Easy & Fast

    Step 1: Consultation

    For inquiries, connect with us today using our contact information. Express your concerns related to customizing watch stands to our team, and we will patiently guide you.

    Step 4: Sampling

    Once the quote and contract are completed, we will bring you a few samples manufactured according to your design. All you need to do is check them and confirm their production.

    Step 2: Design

    Lamicall has created a sundry collection of watch stand designs you can select from. Choose and adjust your design requirements from the configurations that we can provide you with.

    Step 5: Manufacturing

    At Lamicall’s factory, our experts will proceed to the full-scale manufacturing of your customized watch stands. We will also perform inspections for quality assurance.

    Step 3: Quote

    Our team will give you a free price estimate for your order. Lamicall would introduce to you all the various expenses you need to pay for.

    Step 6: Delivery

    After production, your order will be packed and shipped to the address that you will provide us with. Our staff will also be available 24/7 for after-sales services and future collaborations.

      Lean Watch Stands Manufacturing for Certified Quality

      Lean Watch Stand Production

      Cooperation is key to success — that’s what we believe in. Our team gives importance to the collaborations and partnerships that we have with our clients, so we strive to provide you with valuable offers.

      Lamicall employs various lean manufacturing techniques, including Kaizen, 5S, and many others. We turn our resources into high-quality watch stands, with virtually no waste produced.


      Outstanding Quality

      Our extensive experience in manufacturing device holders enabled us to develop advanced formulas and production techniques to ensure the quality of our watch stands. By combining the perfect set of metal alloys, silicone, and other materials, Lamicall brings you various watch stands of outstanding quality.


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