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Lamicall is committed to delivering efficient and convenient products to its users worldwide with full-fledged technological innovations. Our main goal is to provide sleek designs and quality custom device holders and market them appropriately to users.

Our products are thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of a wide range of customers. We created over 120 modern digital gadget variants to make people's lives easier and provide a healthy, productive lifestyle.

Lamicall has been ever-evolving for over 15 years, acquiring 136 patents annually and delivering top-notch products to 10 millions+ customers, reaching 80 countries and regions globally! On this foot, we have been awarded best in the phone and accessories niche by Amazon for several years in a row.

Ergonomic, Quality & Efficiency

Quality laptops and phone stands are adjustable to reduce the risks of postural deformity. Lamicall offers a wide variety, from cars and bikes to workstation stands.

Market-oriented Design

Our products are crafted to make life easier and affordable with ultimate sophistication. As an advancing frontier, we take advantage of trends yet deliver timeless products.

User-Friendly Experience

Using your gadgets at different locations can be somewhat strenuous; it sounds cool to know you are covered when you use our bike, car, desk and bed stands which are adjustable and foldable for your convenience.


How work achievements

15 years

Manufacturing experience

136 Patent

Throughout the year

10 million

Happy customers


Lean Manufacturing

Workflow Efficiency and Value Proposition

At Lamicall, we have experienced and seasoned workers who efficiently manage their workflow to ensure a healthy lifestyle. “Let me call,” as inspired by the brand name, communicates our standpoint, “topmost convenience while communicating or working.” Lamicall simplifies processes and results.

Reduced Operation Expenditures

With realistic and achievable goal setting, We are constantly engaging financial strategies to ensure our customers get the most of our products without breaking a back. Free delivery services have been guaranteed within the United States while minimal charges apply to other regions.

Operational Viability and Sustainability

Global warming and sustainable development goals have recently become a source of concern. Lamicall is racing to lessen the risks posed by the expanding and widespread use of electronic devices. Users may be assured of reduced exposure to radioactive emissions when they use our products, and our laptop stands have significantly contributed to this.

Waste Elimination and Management

Our products are designed with fewer means to cause environmental pollution. We pride ourselves on waste management, reducing waste and chemical hazards that can harm humans even in our production process.

Our Valuas

Lamicall means "Large is Mini" and "Less is More," reflecting our product-driven philosophy of focusing on small products while fitting into the big world. Our committed team members will continue to dig "100 feet deeper" into an area where we excel.

Modern administration operates a decentralized system, eliminating large corporations' bureaucratic culture. Each cluster in the Lamicall team has its objectives and aspirations, and revenues will circulate and be dispersed in each node. There is a balanced, structured team with good culture and excellent communication.

Employees are classified as working together, collaborating, or coexisting by the team. We are not hypocritical; we are pragmatic and transparent among ourselves and in our public relations.


Our company History

An Industry-Leading OEM Stands & Holders Manufacturer With More Than 10 Years of Value-Driven Commitment.



Helping partners to expand their business and open up the product supply chain

In 2008, the international trade business was tested, and the manufacturing industry in Shenzhen area provided excellent product supply resources


March 2009
Established Tianma Enterprises Limited (Hong Kong) for B2B business in Europe and Middle East

May 2010
Established Tianma International Development Limited (Hong Kong) for B2B business in North America


Integrating supply chain and opening the way of e-commerce development

In 2011, Tianma People transformed its B2B business into a B2C combined business strategy and seized the opportunity to enter the rapidly developing Chinese e-commerce market.

In March 2011

Established Shenzhen Tianmaren Technology Co.

June 2012

Established domestic e-commerce division

June 2014

Registered brands in over 40 countries and regions worldwide


January 2016
Tenma People first entered Amazon North America as a Lamicall brand, including the United States, Canada and Mexico

November 2016
Stationed in Amazon Japan

February 2017
Injected into Amazon Global Open ‘Make+’ team program

June 2017
Entered Lazada Southeast Asia station, covering Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam

December 2017
As the first batch of Amazon China sellers, accompanied by Amazon into Amazon Australia station

In 2017, the year shipments exceeded 1 million pieces and annual sales exceeded 100 million


February 2018

Entered Amazon Global Store『Sam』Team Program

March 2018

As the first batch of Amazon China sellers, entered Amazon Middle East Station

May 2018

Kicked off the self-operated independent station to build the brand of global desktop culture with the theme of user sharing

July 2018

As the first batch of Amazon China sellers, stationed in Amazon India

Lamicall launched on Rakuten, Japan, in the same year, the Japanese market reached 280 million yen ($2.5M ) sales.


Overall sales have doubled under the pandemic.

In response to the epidemic. Lamicall developed a revolutionary product PL01 (a pillow cellphone/tablet holder), and quickly occupied the market.

Lamicall expanded the market to Singapore, Poland, the Netherlands, Switzerland and other contraries through Amazon platform.

In the same year, Lamicall Japanese market exceeded 600 million yen ($5M) in sales.


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