6 Leading Automotive Interior Parts Manufacturers

Top Auto Parts Manufacturers in World(2022 Updated)

Finding the best replacement or automotive interior parts for your business can be challenging. It is not an easy task, given the infinite number of available options. We’ve compiled a list of leading auto interior manufacturers you can rely on immediately.

6 Leading Automotive Interior Parts Manufacturers
6 Leading Automotive Interior Parts Manufacturers

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Statistics show that the global automotive interiors market was worth $171,200.3 million in 2017 and is expected to be worth $249,785.4 million by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 4.7 percent from 2018 to 2025.

The interior of a vehicle, which includes components such as headliners, cockpit modules, door panels, automotive seats, electronic components and others, is specifically designed to provide comfort, grip, and sound insulation. Interior trims, upholstery, and other adornments play a vital role in a car’s saleability. Furthermore, the interior is the first and foremost factor influencing a buyer’s perception of a vehicle’s quality. You can conveniently start a business in this niche; this valuable information sets you a toe. 

List of Leading Auto Component Manufacturers in World

Here is an overview of the top six leading automotive interior parts manufacturers that we have selected from the numerous influencers in the industry. Check out the list and pick a spot from these trusted manufacturers for your dealings.

  1. Continental Ag
  2. Denso Corp
  3. Magna International Inc
  4. Aisin Corporation
  5. Weichai Power Co
  6. Huayu Automotive Systems
  7. Company Limited
  8. Valeo
  9. Faurecia
  10. Lear Corporation
  11. Tenneco Inc.
  12. Aptiv Ploc
  13. Melrose Industries Plc
  14. Ords 160/21p
  15. Toyota Boshoku Corp
  16. Vitesco Techs Grp Na O.n.
  17. Gestamp Automocion, S.a.
  18. Burelle
  19. Plastic Omnium
  20. Motherson Sumi Sys
  21. Hella Gmbh+co. Kgaa O.n.
  22. Knorr-bremse Ag Inh O.n.
  23. Autoliv, Inc.
  24. Dana Incorporated Inc
  25. Toyoda Gosei
  26. Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Corp.ltd
  27. Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd
  28. Hanon Systems
  29. Hyundai Wia
  30. Nhk Spring Co Ltd
  31. Mando
  32. American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings, Inc.
  33. Linamar Corp
  34. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
  35. Futaba Industrial Co
  36. BorgWarner
  37. Trelleborg Ab Ser. B
  38. Tokai Rika Co
  39. Chaowei Power Hldgs Ltd
  40. Ngk Spark Plug Co
  41. Meritor, Inc.
  42. Cie Automotive, S.a.
  43. Ti Fluid Systems Plc Ord 1p
  44. Nemak Sab De Cv
  45. Nissan Shatai Co
  46. Stanley Electric Co
  47. Garrett Motion Inc.
  48. standard motor products
  49. Nexteer Automotive Group Limited
  50. Changchun Faway Automobile Components Co., Ltd
  51. Kyb Corporation
  52. Sundaram Clayton
  53. Sw Hitech
  54. Brembo
  55. Accuride Corporation
  56. Hubei Energy Gr Co
  57. Ningbo Huaxiang El
  58. Visteon Corporation
  59. Fangda Special Steel
  60. Technology Co., Ltd
  61. Intercars
  62. Mitsuba Corp
  63. Cooper Tire & Rubber Company
  64. Ningbo Jifeng Auto Parts Co.ltd.
  65. Cooper-standard Holdings Inc.
  66. Sl Corp
  67. Wuling Motors Hldgs Ltd
  68. Unipres Corp
  69. Grammerag O.n.
  70. Exide Industries
  71. Exedy Corporation
  72. Dometic Group Ab
  73. Nippon Seiki Co
  74. Weifu High-tech
  75. Topre Corporation
  76. Hi-lex Corporation
  77. G-tekt Corporation
  78. Autoneum N
  79. Musashi Seimitsu Ind
  80. Elringklinger Ag Na O.n.
  81. Modine Manufacturing Company
  82. Minth Grp
  83. Seoyonehwa
  84. Tachi-s Co Ltd
  85. Yutaka Giken Co
  86. Gentex Corporation
  87. Hyundai Electric
  88. F-tech Inc
  89. Wanxiang Qianchao
  90. Aisan Industry Co
  91. Zhejiang Wanfeng
  92. H-one Co.ltd
  93. Sogefi
  94. Yachiyo Industry Co
  95. Mekonomen Ab
  96. Press Kogyo Co
  97. Kasai Kogyo Co Ltd
  98. Tpr Co Ltd
  99. Veoneer, Inc.
  100. Pacific Industrial Co
  101. Daikyonishikawa Corporation
  102. Dayou A-tech
  103. Deutsch Motors Inc.
  104. F.c.c. Co Ltd
  105. Bosch Ltd
  106. Jtt Co Ltd
  107. Sanden Corporation
  108. Kongsberg Automotive Asa
  109. Akebono Brake Industry Co
  110. Hs Corp
  111. Chongqing Zongshen
  112. Duckyang Ind
  113. Ecoplastic
  114. Shanghai Jiao Yun Group
  115. Saf-holland Se Inh Eo 1
  116. Akwel
  117. Ms Autotech Co., Ltd
  118. Changzhou Xingyu
  119. Automotive Lighting
  120. Systems Co., Ltd
  121. Ichikoh Industries
  122. Superior Industries International,Inc.
  123. Sejong
  124. Stabilus S.a. Inh. Eo-,01
  125. Yorozu Corp
  126. Dong Feng Electronic
  127. Technology Co.,litd.
  128. Huizhou Desay Sv
  129. Sanoh Industrial Co
  130. T.rad Co Ltd
  131. Abc Technologies Hldgs Inc

Leading Automobile Interior Parts Manufacturers & Companies





Image Source: Aftermarket News

Business Type: Public limited company (Manufacturing and assembly)
Headquarters: Dublin, Ireland
Main Markets: Global
Years of Experience: 6 years

Adient is a global leader in automotive seating, assisting all significant automakers in differentiating their vehicles through superior quality, technology, and performance. Adient has more than $13 billion in sales in FY2021.

They are well-positioned to maintain a laser-like focus on their core business while capitalizing on emerging automotive trends. Their size and scale enable them to deliver precisely what their global customers demand – on time, just in time, every time.

Their innovative thinking, high-performance culture, and dedication to operational excellence in everything they do have helped them grow and improve by anticipating new trends and developing cutting-edge technologies.

Key Products

  • Automotive Seating
Besides automotive parts, do you also have needs in finding car phone mounting solution?

Lamicall, Mobile Stand & Holder Manufacturer 

Lamicall Logo
Lamicall Logo

Image Source: Lamicall

Business Type: custom car phone mounting solution service provider
Headquarters: 820 N River St, Portland, Oregon 97227, USA
Main Markets: Global
Years of Experience: 15 years

Lamicall is relentless in offering car phone and tablet accessories to ease people’s traveling and driving lifestyle. As part of their drive to make automotive interiors great, they have several offerings that make life easy. Since 2018, the global brand has been ranked on Amazon and other marketplaces as a leading producer and marketer of OEM car mounting solution.

With over 136 patents, Lamicall is ever-evolving and has taken product customization to another exceptional level with their custom vehicle phone stand, laptop, tablet, and headset stands.

Our Car Mounting Solution includes:



    Image Source: Linkedin

    Business Type: Full fledged Automotive Brand
    Headquarters: 2-1917 Nisshin-cho, Kita-ku, Saitama, Saitama, 331-0823 Japan
    Main Markets: Global
    Years of Experience: 84 years

    Calsonic Corp., which specialized in air conditioners and heat exchangers, and gauge maker Kansei Corp. merged in 2000 to form the corporation. In January 2005, Nissan increased its stake in the company from 27.6 percent to 41.7 percent. It was merged with Magneti Marelli in 2019.
    Calsonic Kansei Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer that primarily produces and sells automobile components. Japan, North America, Europe, and Asia are the Company’s four geological segments. The company makes and sells module products such as instrument clusters, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units, electronic components,instrument panels, and others.

    Key Products

    • Car Electronics
    • Cockpit module and interior products
    • Climate control systems
    • Compressors
    • Heat exchange products
    • Exhaust systems


    FAURECIA S.A logo
    FAURECIA S.A logo

    Image Source: Wikipedia

    Business Type: Automotive Manufacturer and distributors
    Headquarters: 23-27 Avenue Des Champs Pierreux, Nanterre, 92000,western Paris, France
    Main Markets: Global
    Years of Experience: 24 years

    Faurecia SA (Faurecia) is an automotive equipment manufacturer. The company creates, manufactures, and sells seat components such as frames, adjustment mechanisms, motors, padding, seat covers, electronic and pneumatic systems, accessories, and foams.

    The mission of Faurecia is to develop technologies for safe, sustainable, advanced, and customized mobility. It also sells interior vehicle products like instrument panels, modules, door panels, and acoustic products.

    It makes automotive exterior components such as front-end carriers, bumpers, and engine cooling systems. Manufacturing, research, and development facilities are located in Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia.

    Key Products

    • Acoustic Valves
    • Automotive Seatings
    • Ammonia Storage and Delivery System (ASDS)
    • Catalytic Converters
    • Diesel and Gasoline Particulate Filters
    • Exhaust Heat Power Generation – EHPG
    • Exhaust Heat Recovery System – EHRS
    • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
    • Silencers/ Mufflers



    Image Source: GRUPO ANTOLIN

    Business Type: Automobiles Solutions
    Headquarters: Burgos, Spain
    Main Markets: Global
    Years of Experience: 72 years

    Grupo Antolin creates technologically sustainable products based on two premises: light and green, thereby contributing to lower CO2 emissions. This is how they express their commitment to the environment and their customers.

    Grupo Antolin is represented in nine of the world’s top ten best-selling automobiles. It can be found among the world’s best-selling vehicles, providing interior equipment for over 500 different models.

    They control the entire product cycle, including product conception, validation, industrial process, assembly, and sequenced delivery. In addition, they have 151 manufacturing plants and JIT (Just In Time) centers and 22 technical and commercial offices.

    Key Products

    • Car  Interiors
    • Overheads
    • Techos
    • Doors
    • Lighting
    • TRIM
    • Insulation
    • Metal Components

    5. Hyundai Motor Group


    Image Source: Logo wine

    Business Type: Automobile Giants group
    Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea
    Main Markets: China, Japan, Global
    Years of Experience: 45 years
    Certifications: KRX: 012330

    Hyundai Mobis Co Ltd is a Korean company that primarily manufactures automobile components. The Company’s operations are divided into two segments. The Module and Part Manufacture Business segment primarily manufactures automobile modules such as chassis, cockpit, and front-end modules (FEMs).

    In addition, the segment manufactures automobile parts such as electronic stability control (ESC) systems, air suspension systems, exterior lighting, braking and steering components, and others. The After Sales (A/S) Part Business segment primarily manufactures automobile parts used in automobile repair and maintenance. The Company sells its products in both domestic and international markets.

    Key Products

    • Safety systems
    • Steering systems
    • Audio systems
    • Mechanical Systems



    Image Source: Ingenio Virtual

    Business Type: Automotive Manufacturer and Distributor
    Headquarters: Gerlingen, Germany
    Main Markets: Global
    Years of Experience: 135 years

    German-based multinational engineering and technology company Robert Bosch GmbH creates cutting-edge products that enable new mobility services. Bosch combines the technology of the vehicle, the data cloud, and services to provide comprehensive mobility solutions. These apply for private or commercial vehicles, multimodal transportation services, fleet management, or smart transport infrastructure.
    In the areas of consumer goods, industrial technology, energy, and building technology, Bosch is a significant player. Power tools, home appliances, security systems, and microelectromechanical systems are a few of its many products. Despite having a sizable global footprint, Bosch’s primary market is still Europe, which will account for more than half of its overall revenue in 2021

    Key Products

    • Automotive parts 
    • Power tools
    • Electronics
    • Security systems


    Although the outside of a car may initially draw our attention to it, the interior is where we spend most of our time. From a purely functional perspective, a good interior isn’t always attractive, and an exciting interior isn’t always good. However, a few uncommon exceptions successfully combine high style and practical ergonomics.

    You might have been looking for reputable automotive interior parts manufacturers to deal with, stop the search and pick from the list above. 

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