5 Best Office Supply Manufacturers

5 Best Office Supply Manufacturers

The market for office supplies has advanced significantly from the days of the basic writing pad and folder. Office supply manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve their products to streamline businesses’ day-to-day operations.

The office supplies industry is a significant source of revenue for companies of all sizes and industries. From the conventional writing pad and folders, the industry has advanced significantly. Manufacturers of office supplies are always looking for ways to improve their products to streamline the day-to-day operations of businesses.

The transition from the conventional brick-and-mortar model to online platforms represents a notable transformation for makers of office supplies. These office supply producers are increasingly experimenting with the newest developments. It is also important to note that great laptop stand manufacturers are also emerging in this niche. Find out more dependable suppliers in the list below.

List of 5 Best Office Supply Manufacturers

This is a brief overview of the 5 best office supply manufacturers that could transform your office supply business. Explore through this list to discover a fantastic brand that might resonate with you:

  1. Lamicall
  2. 3M
  3. Office Depot, Inc.
  4. Staples, Inc.
  5. Tesco

5 Best Office Supply Manufacturers

When choosing a manufacturer for a supply business, the goal is to have trustworthy and reliable partners that could transform into long-term partnerships. This list will help you discover ranking brands in the industry that you can safely deal with:

1. Lamicall

Lamicall Logo

Image Source: Lamicall

Business Type: Manufacturer, exporter, supplier
Headquarters: 820 N River St, Portland, Oregon 97227, USA
Main Markets: Global
Years of Experience: 15 years

Lamicall is one of the leading office supplies manufacturers in the world today. This fast-rising global brand is emerging with its custom OEM solution for laptops, phones and tablets. Since 2018, the multinational brand has occupied the top position as a significant producer and marketer of OEM solutions on Amazon and other marketplaces.

Lamicall, a company with more than 136 patents, has lifted the standard for product personalization with its customized phone, laptop, tablet, and headphone stands. As a great venture willing to deal with a reliable laptop table factory, Lamicall is set on course to answer all your needs. They are best when it comes to metallic OEM and custom solutions for Home and office needs.

Key Product:

  • Headset stands
  • Phone stands
  • Laptop stands
  • Tablet stands

2. 3M

3M Logo

Image Source: 3M NewsRoom

Business Type: Innovation Technology
Headquarters: Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
Main Markets: USA, Global
Years of Experience: 120 years

The 3M Company, formerly known as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, is a worldwide American conglomerate company specializing in consumer goods, industry, worker safety, and U.S. health care. The 3M Value Model helps the organization stand out and gives them the ability to produce premium and distinctive value for all of its stakeholders.

More than 60,000 products are produced by the company each year under a variety of brands, including adhesives, laminates, passive fire protection, personal protective equipment, window films, paint protection films, dental and orthodontic products, electrical and electronic connecting and insulating materials, medical products, car care products, electronic circuits, healthcare software, and optical films.

Key Products:

3. Office Depot, Inc.

Office Depot, Inc.

Image Source: WikiMedia

Business Type: Business Services and suppliers
Headquarters: Boca Raton, Florida, United States
Main Markets: United States, China, Global
Years of Experience: 36 years

Office Depot, Inc. (NASDAQ: ODP) is a top supplier of business services and supplies, goods, and technological solutions to small, medium, and large enterprises through its fully integrated omnichannel network of about 1,400 shops, online presence, and devoted sales experts and technicians.

The company offers its customers the tools and resources they need to focus on their passion for beginning, expanding, and operating their business through its banner brands Office Depot®, OfficeMax®, CompuCom®, and Grand&Toy®.

Even though Office Depot today is undoubtedly a strong organization, the company’s early years were modest. In 1986, Office Depot was established, and its first location was set up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Key Products

  • Desk Accessories
  • Filling and folders
  • Pen, pencil and markers
  • Sticky notes and Papers
  • Binders and Calculators

4. Staples, Inc.

Staples, Inc. logo

Image Source: Companies History

Business Type: Manufacturer and distributors
Headquarters: Framingham, Massachusetts, United States.
Main Markets: USA, Canada, Global
Years of Experience: 36 years

Staples Inc. is an American office supplies retailer. It is One of the leading producers of office supplies worldwide. Through retail channels and B2B-focused delivery operations, It principally sells office supplies and associated products. Additionally, Staples provides a copy and print service

With numerous franchises in the United States and Canada, Staples Inc. is a significant player in the market. On May 1st, 1986, the business established its first location in Brighton, Massachusetts. It joined the Fortune 500 by 1996 and bought Quill Corporation, an office supplies maker. Despite wanting to operate in a monopoly environment, Office Depot and other businesses blocked its plans.

Key Products

  • Office supplies 
  • Furnitures
  • Office and data center technology

5. Tesco

aTesco logo

Image Source: Wikipedia

Business Type: Multinational Consumer brand
Headquarters: Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom
Main Markets: Global
Years of Experience: 103 years

One of the large stores, Tesco, is also a leading producer of office supplies. Welwyn Garden City serves as the company’s headquarters in the United Kingdom. Tesco offers a variety of goods, including, among others, groceries, apparel, cuisine, and stationery. Tesco currently employs over 4,40,000 people across its 6809 retail locations throughout the globe.

Beyond only producing and supplying office products, they have developed an empire. Despite receiving widespread notice for its broad range of services, this multinational brand continues to provide excellent services to its clients worldwide. You can surely have a great deal dealing with Tesco for your office supply business.

Key Products

  • Supermarket
  • Hypermarket
  • Superstore
  • Convenience shop


The office supply industry, like every other, has embraced technology to create cutting-edge products that streamline business operations. Aside from the constant need for office supplies for smooth running of businesses, trusted manufacturers in this niche must be carefully sorted in order to avoid obsolete products.

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