5 Best Bicycle Accessory Manufacturers in the World

5 Best Bicycle Accessory Manufacturers in the World

As a business looking to go into the supply of bicycle accessories, you can deal with these great brands without hassles. From a custom bike phone mount to other accessories; check out this list of manufacturers.

People who love to navigate with bikes require safety. Protective gear such as a helmet, a horn (not required in some jurisdictions), and elbow and knee guards are needed for safety to be met. In addition, the need for direction to familiarize the location brings out the need to get an adjustable phone holder for bikes, especially the ones manufactured by Lamicall. 

If you want to venture into a business that supplies bicycle accessories, here’s the best list. For the above reasons, we looked at the five best bicycle accessory manufacturers that best suit your business and marketing.

List of 5 Bicycle Accessories and their Best Manufacturer in the World

Looking at five accessories that need to be purchased alongside a bicycle by a cyclist, we saw these five paramount. They are the bike phone handlebar stand, the helmet, the cycling horn and light, the elbow and knee guard, and the rope bicycle lock. The best producer of each was considered based on their production capabilities, designs, and product quality.

  1. Lamicall
  2. KAV Sports
  3. Hornit
  4. EVS Sports
  5. Kryptonite

5 Best Bicycle Accessories Manufacturer in the World

Knowing the right manufacturers that supply these amazing accessories is soothing. So, let’s get into business properly.

1. Lamicall

Lamicall Logo

Image Source: Lamicall

Business Type: Manufacturing / distribution
Headquarters: 820 N River St, Portland, OR 97227, USA
Years of Experience: 15 years

Lamicall bike phone holder is well-designed and suited for users who need easy access to their phones while cycling. With comprehensive technological advances, Lamicall is dedicated to providing its users across the world with practical and effective products. Our main objective is to provide quality custom device holders with svelte designs and promote them to users effectively.

Lamicall products are meticulously created to satisfy a variety of consumers’ needs. In order to improve people’s lives and promote a healthy, productive lifestyle, we developed over 120 different modern digital gadget types.

For more than 15 years, Lamicall has been continuously improving, collecting 136 patents annually, and providing excellent products to 10 million+ clients in 80 different countries and regions worldwide! On this note, Amazon has recognized us again and time again as the top in the phone and accessory market.

Lamicall’s phone bike holder mount is not limited to bicycles and cycling purposes. It is easily detachable as it comes with an adjustable knob, making it applicable for other purposes. An individual can choose to attach it to a stroller when babysitting in the park or shopping carts at malls.

Key products:

  • Bike phone holders
  • Headphone stands
  • Laptop stands
  • Tablet holders
  • Phone holders
  • Apple watch stands

2. KAV Sports

KAV Sports Logo

Image Source: KAV Sports

Business Type: Manufacturing / distribution / retail
Headquarters: Palo Alto, California, USA
Years of Experience: 6 years

When it comes down to helmets, KAV Sports is the go-to. Custom helmets from KAV Sports have a stylish appearance, better protection, and a personalized fit. The business was established in 2016 and has since stood out in its bike protective niching products.

With their 3D custom design, KAV Sports helmets are made to the exact measurement via a virtual one-on-one fit session. They also met all the safety requirements of CPSC and are designed to specification. Impacts are reduced 25% more effectively than the custom industrial standard, and the warranty is for five years.

Key products:

  • Bike helmets
  • Hockey helmets

3. Hornit

Hornit Logo

Image Source: Bike Today

Business Type: Manufacturing / distribution
Headquarters: EX1 1QT Exeter, UK
Years of Experience: 10 years

Hornit started to create bicycle accessories that are safer without compromising style. It is committed to sourcing and designing stylish and innovative products for all age groups. The company speaks to why they have a range of products, and Hornit has the best product to offer when it comes to bicycle horns.

Hornit produces the loudest bike horn, which is compatible with bicycle styles. Its horn is an adjustable decibel and loud enough for all road locomotives. Even people with headsets are not left-out. As its name implies, the product speaks at its loudest volume. You can surely deal with them for your business delivery system.

Key products:

  • Bicycles
  • Bike storage
  • Bike helmet
  • Bike horns and lights
  • Cycling gear for kids and adult

4. EVS Sports

EVS Sports Logo

Image Source: Brand of the world

Business Type: Manufacturing / distribution
Headquarters: 2130 E. Gladwick St, Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220
Years of Experience: 37 years

EVS Sports have a vast experience in the sports world concerning motor or vehicular sports. With a wide variety of products in the market, EVS Sports produces the best in terms of elbow and knee guards. The elbow and knee guards are specially designed to offer comfort to the rider. It is lightweight, comfy, and breathable while offering maximum protection to the elbow and knee. Also, it is well-suited for every weather condition.

Key products:

  • Knee braces
  • Knee and elbow guards
  • Roost deflector
  • Race collars
  • Helmet
  • MX socks
  • MX gloves

5. Kryptonite

Kryptonite Logo

Image Source: Malakye

Business Type: Manufacturing / distribution
Headquarters: Canton, Massachusetts, US
Years of Experience: 30 years

With the competition, Kryptonite has stayed on top as the best in providing safety and security locks for cycles and outdoor equipment. Their high-quality lock is durable, strong, solid, highly secure, and can withstand a car jack. The Kryptonite New York standard u-lock is their best lock and comes with a frame mount to allow for easy carrying while cycling.

Kryptonite locks are made with unmatched quality; they are conceived and built in the United States and come with a lifetime warranty. They also offer key replacement and anti-theft protection, guaranteeing you will always receive outstanding service.

Key products:

  • Locks
  • Bike lights
  • Other safety and security products for bicycles, motorcycles, and outdoor equipment


Many recreational cyclists do not know the extra component they need to purchase alongside their new bicycle. It is up to the seller to inform the buyer of the extra components needed. Some cyclists who happen to know the bicycle accessory they need do not know the best. No one wants to buy a bicycle accessory that will be useless or get faulty quickly.

Bike parts and accessories manufacturers and suppliers look forward to providing the best safety features, such as Lamicall, offering the best bike phone mount. Ask for a quote for your bicycle accessory today. 

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