4 Leading Wireless Charger Manufacturers Globally

4 Leading Wireless Charger Manufacturers Globally

Work with the best wireless charger manufacturers and ensure the quality and longevity of the products that you will get!

Wireless Charger Stand - 102
Wireless Charger Stand – 102

Image Source: Top

People now are spending most of their time with their phones so the battery percentage and performance of their gadgets decrease over time. Some hang out with their friends and do other outdoor activities, thus, making wireless chargers in demand nowadays. In this regard, having a business selling multi-functional chargers attracts more potential customers.

If you are planning to venture into this business but don’t know where to get your supplies, we have narrowed down a list of the top wireless charger manufacturers for you to choose from.

List of Top Wireless Charger Manufacturers You Can Find 

Listed below are the greatest wireless charger manufacturers which you can find online and in different parts of the world. Their business expansion and ongoing popularity are just solid proof that they have been performing well in the industry.

  • Lamicall
  • Womiba
  • Einova
  • Top

4 Leading Wireless Charger Manufacturers Globally

Itemized below are the wireless charger manufacturers that ensure you of high-quality products. Aside from this, their products have already been conquering the modern electronics industry.


  1. Lamicall  

Lamicall logo
Lamicall logo

Image Source: Lamicall

Business Type: Manufacturing, Distributor, Supplier, Developer
Main Markets: Global
Years of Experience: 15 years

Lamicall was founded by a guy named, Daniel in 2011 and his first experience of creating a stand came from his grandfather. From there, he was inspired to turn his aspirations into reality so he combined the words “Let Me Call”, with Lamicall for a more modern turnaround.

For fifteen years, Lamicall has been one of the masters of technological advances wherein they offer the designing and development of tablet stands, laptop stands, ring holders, phone grips, phone stands, and more.

If you are looking for a brand that speaks durability, Lamicall is the one. Their products are made of aluminum alloys and plastics. The organization and collaboration to produce high-standard services and products made it one of the popular brands in Amazon and other platforms.

    Key products:

    • Laptop stands
    • Cell phone stands
    • Tablet holders
    • Custom phone ring stand
    • Apple watch stands
    • Headphone stands
    • Phone accessories
    1. Womiba

    Womiba Logo
    Womiba Logo

    Image Source: Womiba

    Business Type: Manufacturer, Designer, and Supplier
    Main Markets: Global
    Years of Experience: 13 years

    Womiba who is also known as “Miba” was founded in 2009. It is a 6000 squared meters company that offers one-stop production services.  They specialized in creating Bluetooth speakers which later on expanded to showcasing portable electronic devices such as phone wired chargers, USB flash drives, and wireless chargers.

    For business transactions, they both welcome ODM and OEM businesses to partner with them. This is to ensure that visions, missions, and expectations are being met in an efficient manner. When it comes to operation and development, they have been implementing strict quality control and have professional services to avoid any complaints. Surely, this is one of the best choices; from orders to shipping, they are the fastest.

      Key Products: 

      • Bluetooth Earphones
      • Bluetooth Speakers
      • Fast Charging Wireless Chargers
      1. Einova 

      Einova Logo
      Einova Logo

      Image Source: Einova

      Business Type: Manufacturer, Designer, Developer and Supplier
      Main Markets: Global
      Years of Experience: 10 years

      Einova was founded in Italy by the CEO called, Spinella, an award-winning electronic engineer, and a notable university researcher. Einova caters high-end charging accessories brand from Eggtronic, one of the world’s best-digitized power electronic companies. Because of this partnership and excellent performance in the industry, they have been awarded the world’s best start-up company.

      One reason why you should choose Einova as your primary retailer and business partner is because of its eco-friendly, original, ultra-compact, and creative digital products. They have talented engineers and have earned 230 international patents which have proved their mastery in their chosen expertise. With this being said, you can ensure high-quality and efficient products.

        Key Products: 

        • Charging Stones
        • Mundus Pro
        • Valet Tray
        • Power Bar
        • Wireless Chargers
        • Power Stands
        • Power Ring
        • Power Popper
        • Power Banks
        • Power Adapters
        • Wireless Charging Receiver
        • USB Type Cables
        • Universal Wired Chargers
        1. Top 

        Top Logo
        Top Logo

        Image Source: Top

        Business Type: Manufacturer, Designer, Developer and Supplier
        Main Markets: Global
        Years of Experience: 7 years

        Top was founded in 2015 and is composed of a  hardworking team that is solely focused on the innovation of wireless products, such as wireless chargers. At Top, they mostly produce wireless products under Shenzen Factory. What business partners love about this company is its fast and accommodating customer service like no other.

        They mostly operate from PCBA assembly to quality control. To walk you through this process, they will have a pre-testing, in-line testing, second testing after assembly, cleaning, and in-house quality check. To become a great symbol of their name, they continue to deliver high-quality products to retailers, partner businesses, and end-users.

          Key Products: 

          • Wireless Charging Pads
          • Wireless Charging Stands
          • Magnet Wireless Chargers
          • Wireless Car Chargers
          • Dual Wireless Chargers
          • 3 in 1 Wireless Chargers
          • Power Bank Wireless Chargers
          • Daily Life Wireless Chargers
          • Promotional Wireless Chargers
          • Public Wireless Chargers
          • Wireless Charging Module


          Wireless charger, be it in a stand or pads, can make one’s life easier, so manufacturers have taken advantage of this aspect to ensure that they can attract more potential buyers. Whether you are a retailer, business owner, or end user, this article could help you a lot in choosing what manufacturer suits you and your business.

          Why not venture with the leading mobile accessory manufacturer? Reach out to Lamicall today for more info about their products and offers!

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