4 Credible and Foremost Headphone Parts Supplier

Headphones technologies are basically a combination of several innovations. Do you seek to deal with global brands that supply headsets parts? Check out this blog list, to find one that aligns with your business culture!

Headphone Parts Supplier

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All of the components of a headphone’s construction must be produced using high-quality materials and constructed to be robust, effective, and long-lasting for them to qualify as high-quality headphones. The most outstanding headphone components are used to create high-end headphones.

Fortunately, almost every component of the headset may be changed. This implies that owners may easily buy replacement earphone parts and fix their headphones rather than tossing them away when they start to malfunction. Knowing a lot about trustworthy suppliers will relieve much worry for a corporation wanting to enter this market. 

In this post, we have diligently gathered a list of credible and foremost brands that deal in this together with their corporate information. However, a great headset stand can help prevent avoidable damages.

List of 4 Best Headphone Parts Supplier

Here is an overview of four credible and foremost headphone parts suppliers among the numerous list of suppliers in the market with such claims. Navigate through to discover these amazing brands and learn more about their business goals and values.

  1. Audiosanctuary
  2. Audio Advisor
  3. BWOO
  4. Oraimo
    Top Headset Stands and Accessories Manufacturer

4 Credible and Foremost Headphone Parts Supplier

Well researched information about product suppliers wouldn’t just save you from bunco dealings but also help maximize your business goals and stress of wastefulness. This list of headphone suppliers is made for you in this regards:

1. Audiosanctuary


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Business Type: Exporter and supplier
Headquarters: 35 High St, New Malden, England, KT3 4BY, United Kingdom
Main Markets: UK, USA, Global
Years of Experience: 37 years

Audio Sanctuary is a reliable source for replacement parts, cables, and components for all types of headphones and earbuds. They have various components for all popular manufacturers, models, and styles of headphones, and serve as the official UK retail partner for Sennheiser supplies.

For earpads, ear tips, headbands, ear hooks, headphone cables, capsules, drivers, adaptors, and extensions, they carry both original parts and substitute choices. Utilize their reputable international mail order service with confidence.

Key Products

  • Cases
  • Stands
  • Batteries
  • PSU’s
  • Clips

2. Audio Advisor

Audio Advisor

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Business Type: Consumer Electronics company
Headquarters: 5500 Executive Parkway SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
Main Markets: United States, China, Global
Years of Experience: 41 years

Incorporated in 1981 by Wayne Schuurman, Audio Advisor is one of the world’s biggest online retailers of name-brand, high-end audio goods. They help and support audiophiles all around the world with their needs. Numerous renowned brands and goods are available from Audio Advisor.

Audio Advisor is a supplier known for their unraveled and quality delivery of audio devices, including headset parts and speakers. You can conveniently deal with this agelong brand as its reputation speaks for its greatness.

Key Products

  • Headphones parts
  • Cables
  • Speakers
  • Digital Audio
  • Furnitures


BWOO logo

Image Source: BWOO

Business Type: Manufacturer and distributors
Headquarters: 4F Building B,Zheng Chengda Industrial Park ,Fengtang Avenue, Fuyong,Shenzhen Shenzhen, Guangdong
Main Markets: China, Global
Years of Experience: 19 years
Certifications: ISO-9001

Hongkong Bowo Electronics Co., Ltd.’s subordinate branch in Guangzhou, Bwoo Electronic Co., Ltd., was founded in 2003. They are skilled producers who track development, production, and sales. They produce high-end mobile communications and technical equipment, such as power supplies, audio cables, data cables, and phone chargers.

The quality management system used by Guangzhou Bwoo Electronic Co., Ltd. is comprehensive and scientific. The industry has recognized the company’s honesty, power, and product quality. They also promise their customers a positive working atmosphere.

Key Products

  • Audio Cables
  • Headset Parts
  • Phone Chargers
  • Data Cables
  • Power Banks

4. Oraimo

Oraimo logo

Image Source: Oraimo

Business Type: Limited company
Headquarters: Room2409, Jumeira Business Center 2, JLT Cluster V, Dubai, UAE
Main Markets: Global
Years of Experience: 19 years

Oraimo Technology Limited, founded in Hong Kong in 2013, is a firm dedicated to providing end users with stylish, delicate, and innovative goods. They specialize in R&D, design, manufacture, and sales of 3C accessories. All of the designers at Oraimo are French.
Premium innovative accessory manufacturer Oraimo has achieved the 100 million unit sales mark globally. Along with being the top brand globally, the corporation has several other objectives: to achieve this historic milestone.
Since its launch in Hong Kong in 2013, Oraimo has spread to more than 50 nations. Its manufacturing parts for headsets have a distinctive design and are excellent providers.

Key Products

Top Headset Stands and Accessories Manufacturer

The main reasons behind quick damage of headsets are unorganized storage and mishandling. This can be prevented with Lamicall custom headset solutions. There are numerous advantages to using these stands.


Lamicall Logo

Image Source: Lamicall

Business Type: Manufacturer, exporter, supplier
Headquarters: 820 N River St, Portland, Oregon 97227, USA
Main Markets: Global
Years of Experience: 15 years

Lamicall products are being improved upon every day and given cutting-edge additions. Headset stands and other OEM-specific solutions from Lamicall make life more straightforward in their ongoing value delivery systems. The international brand has held a top spot as a prominent manufacturer and marketer of OEM solutions on Amazon and other marketplaces since 2018.

With their personalized phone, laptop, tablet, and headset stands, Lamicall, an organization with over 136 patents, has raised the bar for product personalization.

Key Product:

  • Headset stands
  • Desk Phone stands
  • Car Laptop stands
  • Bike Tablet stands


A headphone’s many components work together to produce a high-quality listening experience. Finding reliable vendors and components for your headphones is undoubtedly relieving. Many users are unaware of the great need for these parts or probably they are unaware of where to get them. With this blog, we believe your customers will find direction.

However, extending a headphones’ lifespan begins with identifying which component has to be changed to address the specific issue they are having, or better yet, utilizing a specially designed headphone stand to avoid damage and improper handling.

There are several custom OEM solutions reliably made for you. Contact Lamicall today for these amazing offers!

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